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Dave's surgery

Sep 18, 2008 - 9 comments

Okay rather than type it all out again - I am posting my journal entries for the last two days- that are about Dave:

Entry for 16 September 2008
Didn't sleep to bad considering the worry. Woke up early and finished getting ready, I left home at 7am.

Met David at the hospital at 8am, he was really well behaved and quite excited. We had to share a room with another man which wasn't ideal but David handled it really well. We were shown the room but given no direction, no introduction and left alone (me, Dave and 2 Aalps staff) for 1 hour and 15 minutes before a nurse came in with surgical stockings and a gown for David - he was not too impressed and said he looked like a girlie.

The anaesthetist came in to see us and he was an arrogant pig - he said they saw no reason to do the 24 hour tape after all and that after surgery Dave could go back to Aalps – I was not impressed - he said if we were worried about his heart we should just bring him back through A&E! What an idiot – without the blood pressure, heart trace and oxygen sats being measured we wouldn't know anything was wrong till it was too late - We over heard 2 nurses talking saying that they didn't know how they would cope if Dave kicked off so it was best if he went home as soon as possible! I was lived!!! This anaesthetist dismissed everything I said but did agree I could go to the Pre Op room with him till he was under.

Dave went down at 12 noon - we had a lovely lovely scrub nurse that took us down , she was really nice and attentive to Dave and put him at ease. We got in the Pre Op and the surgeon looked at Dave and said “ He isn't marked - why isn't this patient marked?” so they put an arrow on his LEFT side!!! I said “ but the hernia is on the right side” to which they looked at the paperwork and found some said left some said right and the consent for was for the left... remember I want' allowed to sign the consent for because of the stupid incapacity act, the registrar had signed it. So they had to go find the registrar who was the on call man for the day... get the form changed and then start the anaesthesia, so Dave had 30 minutes lying on the trolley in the Pre Op room with 7 gowned and masked people faffing around him - totally inappropriate for someone with autism.

They started the anedthetic and just as he was going under the machines all started beeping and I was pushed out of the room - I now know his blood pressure dropped to 50/30 and they nearly lost him but with medication they bought him back up to acceptable bp.

I was told he would be 50 minutes and I would be called as requested straight into the recovery room before he was bought round. He was in 1 hour and 45 minutes and when they called me in they were struggling to wake him. Every other surgery he has had within 10 mins of the surgery he is up and awake and ripping open his stitches, which is what we prepared them for. I personally think the arrogant anethetist gave him a sedative of some sort which is risky cause of his heart. The theatre staff in recovery were lovely. It took 5 hours to wake him up and we couldn't get his oxygen sats up so they said he had to stay in over night on 2litres of oxygen.

The nurses on the ward were pleasant but we witnessed no towels, no bedding, no bed pans, no water jugs, and patients buzzing being totally ignored and nurses chatting at the desk about last night rather than answering phones and buzzers... When Dave's sats dropped to 87% on 2 litres I asked to see a doctor – he came and moved it to 3litres but was again rude and allowed nothing for Dave's autism. I told one of Dave's carers that I was going to be putting in a complaint - I said it loud enough for the ward manager to hear and wow in 10 minutes I had the anaesthetist back in the room – he was lovely, polite, attentive, informative etc--- this made me so angry - hypocrite!

Entry for 17 September 2008
Dave had no behaviours through the night but he didn't sleep more than 90 mins and that was in sessions - he did however masturbate for almost 9 hours! (so much for no sexual activity for 48 hours). Thankfully the old man in the next bed was deaf! The night staff were amazed... Aalps staff were amazed.. I was amazed but Dave was quiet and in his bed...

The Aalps staff that stayed through the night was really good with Dave and totally disgusted with the staff and the things we heard, obviously they had forgotten we were there and awake! Dave was back to his normal self, eating like a starved crazy man, flirting with the nurses and giggling away.

The shocking thing is he was released without a doctor seeing him, and we have no follow up appointment, apparently they dont do surgical follow ups now if the op went well!

Settled Dave back into Aalps and now they have the tough job of stopping him doing lifting or moving for 2 weeks and then restricting it for 4 more. David moves furniture which is autistic specific and takes 2 grown 'normal' adults to move, he just moves it himself. I was exhausted 38 hours awake and crappy food- so I had Fish and chips, fetched Elizabeth back from my sister in laws - she cried and wanted to stay there – (made me feel great) but once in the car she was fine. I let her go to bed at 7pm with the TV on and I just fell asleep.

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449672 tn?1398398407
by jeh57, Sep 18, 2008
Helen......................Relieved to hear that the surgery went well...and Dave is back at Aalps.............that is the main thing! Looks like the staff need to be re-educated on how to care for a's a good thing you were with Dave and was able to monitor the situation! I will assume the staff at Aalps will be assessing Dave for any post-op problems...........hopefully,there won't be any.....Maybe he won't be moving any furniture for alittle while! He is a strong fun loving young man! As for are one heck of a mom! Take care my friend! Janice

172023 tn?1334675884
by peekawho, Sep 19, 2008
Oh, Helen!

I'm exhausted just reading this!  I can't believe what you have coped with and gone through over the last week or so.  Many hugs coming from the Peek.

428506 tn?1296560999
by wonko, Sep 19, 2008
This all sounds so draining!  I'm sure your strong spirit will persist, but wow.  I hope you can rest and that you and your family can all be doing well and have a good weekend!

522699 tn?1250594316
by Whatawoman, Sep 19, 2008
Thanks Ladies - no rest thought - at 11pm last night Dave pulled off the dressing at 3am he unpicked the butterfly stitches... he has had it redressed but time will tell if he will leave it alone - Tomorrow me and Elizabeth will go up and spend the day with him.

449672 tn?1398398407
by jeh57, Sep 19, 2008
I was afraid he might do this.....these kinds of surgeries heal fairly quick! I am sure it is already healing well.....Enjoy your day with him tomorrow!

408291 tn?1238236611
by twinkle36, Sep 19, 2008
Just wanted to send you a huge (((HUG))) Dave is so lucky so have a mum as lovely as you.  I am so relieved that his surgery has gone well, and that he's on the road to recovery.  You must be totally shattered and physically drained I hope you have a peaceful weekend.  Lots of love xx

579258 tn?1250652943
by Ranaesheart, Sep 23, 2008
Helen ~ You are the most dedicated and caring mom and what you have and Dave have been through is an ordeal.  It never ceases to amaze me that there are those who are in a profession of compassion and yet somehow they tend to drift away from the essence of it.  Am so sorry you experienced that; they should have shown more compassion and assistance, not less.  So very glad Dave came through the surgery with flying colors and hope he has a speedy recovery.  Most happy the largest stress is over for you and hope things return to a semblance of normalcy for everyone.  Hugggsss to you Dave and Elizabeth ... what a strong and courageous woman you are!!!  Love you bunches .. Ranae

603216 tn?1244714193
by BJ_1, Sep 23, 2008
You are such a wonderful mum and Dave is a lucky to have you watching out for him.  I can't imagine what it must be like to go through such an ordeal.  Glad to hear he came through everything pretty well.  A big hug for your family! Bren

522699 tn?1250594316
by Whatawoman, Sep 23, 2008
The news has just said the hospital he was in has been closed to new addmissions as they have the norovirus!!

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