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Update/Toothache is back

Apr 22, 2011 - 0 comments







Gum Disease

Update November 2011:  My gracious dentist tactfully advised that gingivitis might be the cause of localized tooth pain recently.  He was willing to refer me to an endodontist.  This October I had more problems and vigorously poked around the sore tooth with one of those plastic gum brushes and rinsed with salt water several times and the next morning the pain was gone.  There might be a "gum pocket", a chronic erosion of the gum.  I was glad for the previous antibiotic.  I think there is no root canal because of previous work on that tooth.  

....My upper right molar had a filling last year because of tooth pain.  The dentist seemed to be reluctant to do a filling. Last week, the pain came back feeling like a gumline cavity and maybe interdental.  I took ibuprofen, extended release Tylenol, and swished mouthwash and then took hydrocodone at bedtime  until I could see the dentist Monday April 18 2011.  At eHow website, home remedies recommended include clove oil, garlic, powdered aspirinl  Another website recommends OTC Red Cross carbolic acid topical treatment.  

The xray showed no canal in the root probably because of WBC and crud from the infection.  Monday the dentist ordered Amoxicillin which seems to help and then surprise the pain is back tonight.  Thursday night I didn't have to take any hydrocodone to sleep.  Tonight after dinner, my tooth ache is back.  He is so iffy about treatment of this tooth, that I'm frustrated about the delay.  I called Linda this morning and have another appointment Monday at 3 pm.  I don't mind if he wants to refer to an endodontist.

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