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Ok so I woke up today...

Apr 23, 2011 - 0 comments





back soreness


Cervical mucus




preseed oil

I work midnight shift..I wonder if this will affect my TTC? Hope not..
So I got home formw ork 7am this morning...slept till about 1pm...and My constipation spell is over finally..The estridol made me constipated for like 3 days..horrible..

Another obeservation, my entire back is soooooreee.. I dont know if this is from BD 2x yesterday but It feels like I went to the gym and worked muscles I havent used in forever...

When my hubby gets home Im going to have him follow me to CVS to purchase some robitussin and preeseed oil......Ive heard good things about it..anything to make my CM more friendly..And another user suggested pre-seed oil..anyway this "lubricant" is supposed to be sperm friendly and help the swimmers get to my princess safely..

My prenatals are almost finished....I wonder why my doctor didnt allow refills on them, ill have to call them.

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