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I'm what?????

Sep 18, 2008 - 7 comments

I went to my NEW psych yesterday....saw her for an hour....ONE hour and she diagnoses me as Bipolar (which I already knew that) PTSD (new to me) and an eating disorder....(also new to me) She took away the BPD that I have been diagnosed with FOR YEARS. Not that I so truly desire to be BPD....but how can someone just talk to you for an hour and decide "what"you are in an hour? I think it's a crock O' ****. I also found out that the previous Doc at this "pathways" place I have had to go to that is a place of stinky donkey dung had also diagnosed me as having ADHD...GOOD GOD...I am Narcoleptic...I cannot stay awake without my narcolepsy med...much less climb the walls like a rabid ape......

I fit the BPD criteria like you wouldn't believe. Every book seems to be written to and about me directly. Oh well...

Now she is beginning to remove meds on me...Woo hoo...let me become more unstable than I am, let me crash...God help everyone around me. I'm scared.

I wish I was not on disability..I wish I had my good insurance like I had before so I could see the better p-doc that I had before...that I had seen for years and years...She knew me inside and out...saw my moods...really really talked to me..I miss that.

I'm frustrated....

Wish me luck.......

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by cowgirlnerd, Sep 18, 2008
I think you are correct to question an hour diagnosis that is so far off from your original diagnosis.  Saying this, I went from clinically depressed and ADD, to BP.  BUT, my Pdoc told me that the ADD meds can make the mania much worse.  (Increase the extreme highs and lows).  

If you are feeling horrible on the meds that you are changed to - speak up quickly (which I am sure you know that).

Why did you change Pdoc?

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by FallenFaery, Sep 18, 2008
Mine left and I only have medicaid...poor choices for medicaid here.

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by cowgirlnerd, Sep 18, 2008
Oh honey - I am so sorry.  I understand, though.  Even though you have medicaid, you are still entitled to good coverage.  Don't settle for anything else.   I really worry that the huge change is a little rash.   Just be careful, and speak up to the new pdoc.  Until you trust the new one,  make sure you talk to someone (even if it's us!)

Let me know how it goes.  Hang in there.  

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by Amphitrite, Sep 19, 2008
Hi there, read your journal and wanted to reply. Try not to be hung up on the actual diagnosis. There just words, really for insurance purposes.
Doesnt mattter what diagnosis she gives as long as you can both work together to find a medication that starts to benefit you and you have a good therapist to chat with.

It is possible to do a diagosis in an hour after a thurough assesment and notes from other doctors you have seen. She has to make contact with your referring doctor or therapist and/or get at least some of your past medical records. Psychiatrists dont generally like to rely on medical records and consults from someones medical team but they do use it as a baseline sometimes to take into account. Especially if you are saying what is similiar to what information she has already gotten.
Most medical professionals use past medical records and a patients referral if they have permission to do so. So its not only psychiatrists. But I'm only assuming that you gave permission for her to have access to your records.
Regardless of that though it still is possible depending on her diagnostic technique, the interview and your openness.

Anyway, the above isnt really important. Just see what she can do for you. If she can help you then take advantage of that because not all psychiatrists and patients mix or can find a successful medication.

Hope your not offended by anything I've said. It's all well intended.


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by cowgirlnerd, Sep 19, 2008
Hey Fallen,

I was wondering when you went to see the new Pdoc, if they gave you the nifty little survey test thing?  Just wondering.


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by FallenFaery, Sep 20, 2008
No, no survey or anything....never even got the records from the p-doc I saw for years...just started fresh. I know I am not ADHD. I have narcolepsy and cannot stay awake like I said up there...who knows though...If I was diagnosed with ADHD why wasn't I given ADHD meds? That is what is prescribed for narcolepsy and it would have woken me up alot sooner than

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by cowgirlnerd, Sep 22, 2008
Hey Fallen - with Bi-Polar, trust me, you don't want ADHD meds.  I was on it for over a year and was on the most destructive Manic Cycle of my life.   It's a Manic Cycle that you can't come down from  - my new pdoc took me off and put me on Lamactical (as well as taking me off of my anti-depressant Cymbalta).  I feel more stable now and getting better every day.

I really hate that you are having a hard time getting to a good pdoc.  The survey asks random questions and then a computer analyzes them to give them an accurate picture of what's going on with you (depression, anxiety, pschosis) and using that with talk therapy, it helps them to review your history and diagnose you correctly.  Hang in there.

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