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6 week post tx!

Sep 18, 2008 - 1 comments

Wow! I'm now 6 weeks after treatment...I just started back to work and, though I get a bit tired half-way into my 12 hr shift, I feel great! The thyroid is still adjusting, but for the better, I think...Since I work as a paramedic, my work place has put me on light duty (non lifting) for the first 6 weeks, or until I'm able to lift one end of a 280 lb patient...The last time I did this physical agility test, I was 28 years old (I'll be 44 in Nov...)It may take conditioning longer than 6 weeks to get back to that...If ever...Sigh...But, hey! After combating hep c and winning, this is a small thing! :)     ~Melinda

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by Jac567, Oct 06, 2008
oh wow, I am delighted you are back in work and so positive about everything, I am not surprised you work as a paramedic. After you advised me in hyperthyroid post, I had a wave of hormone rushes, my ticker was racing, I took myself to doctor and have started anti hyperthyroid treatment. in week 35 of 48 and your post and journal give me great encouragement to keep at it. We might never meet but thanks and you have helped.

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