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If I am planning on having children, can I still have a tummy tuck?

Apr 25, 2011 - 1 comments

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This is a common question that I hear in my plastic surgery practice.  Can women who are planning on getting pregnant in the future have a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure?

The answer is yes, you can safely get pregnant following a tummy tuck.  However, pregnancy may change the appearance of your tummy tuck result. In general, we prefer for a tummy tuck to be performed once you complete your childbearing.  The purpose of a tummy tuck is to reduce or eliminate the changes caused by pregnancy; excess skin, abdominal wall laxity, and excess fat. If you have another baby you may undo many of the benefits of the tummy tuck procedure.    Pregnancy will stretch the muscles, skin and fat and may leave you looking as you did prior to the original tummy tuck.  Thus you may need a revision to re-tighten the muscle and possibly remove more skin and abdominal fat after the pregnancy. I usually advise my patients to wait until they are confident that they are not planning on having more children before having a tummy tuck.  But if you happen to become pregnant after a having had a tummy tuck, you can feel comfortable knowing that you can still have a tummy tuck in the future.



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by LenLew102, May 20, 2015
Dr.  How many tummy tucks can a person have I'm a lifetime.   As ND even per year.  Like if I  wanted to get "tightened up" every  summer. .could I ???

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