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I did what my doctor the 2 week wait!

Apr 25, 2011 - 5 comments

baby dancing





Okay ...hi...Sooooo in my previous blog I stated I will no longer continue my clomid, estrogen regimine in order to conceive a child. If I am not pregnant this month..I will literally give this to if I couldnt have done this in the first place...

Today (4/25) is cycle day 14...and according to my doctor, I am supposed to ovulate on this day...its 11:41 in the pm and I am at work now...I did the BD with hubby around 9 ish, just before coming to work...and also we made love yesterday Cycle day 13...My doctor adv we should BD on the 13th for a girl, and on the 14th for a boy....hmmm..he wasnt laughing

So I no longer care about having a baby RIGHT NOW...who am I? I can't see the future...and if I thought this was a good time to have a child..I am more now convinced that there is a BETTER time..Gods time. So whatever that may be...2 months...6 months...1 year from now.. Im just gonna have to be okay with it.. knowing that GOD does know my heart, and he see's my desire...and he will fulfill thoes desires in HIS perfect time.

I know im saying this now, and my feelings might change upon realizing im not i've decided to ask the Lord to take the desire for a child away for now....that is..if he doesnt see fit to bless me with one right now....Theres no reason I should have to suffer with this uncontrollable desire...which can often times lead to depression..

So now I suppose to test on May 9th....not even looking forward to it....Im gonna stop typing now, i think im getting depressed....**runs off crying**

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1418198 tn?1483281096
by Rellyrell, Apr 25, 2011
I'm sorry u feel this way, but he does answer prayers and he works things out the way he wants. It will happen at the right moment in time, and when it comes everything will be perfect and in place!! I will continue to pray for you.

1668776 tn?1375489081
by MrsREID, Apr 25, 2011
Thanks relly : )

1348789 tn?1338425927
by earthangle, Apr 26, 2011
reading this just take me back a few months before a got pregnant, I did what my doc said every month leading to me being pregnant hang in there god answer prayers, it may not be  the time when we ask but when he see the prefect time....good luck this cycle and lots and lots of baby dust to you.

1668776 tn?1375489081
by MrsREID, Apr 26, 2011
thanks angel...

1446439 tn?1316001733
by prart, Apr 26, 2011
Just hang in there at the right time God shall make everything perfect & he'll grant the desires of our hearts according to his riches. You are in my thoughts & prayers

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