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Sep 18, 2008 - 9 comments

I dont know why this guy did not come to me but in the morings I sit in a parkinglot and store that you by food from to see my friend and see how he is doing them I am sitting over by the street to wait for the library to open. but to day he cam and ask for kim the main lady at the library and he was talk about me I walk over by the man and he shut up and did not say any thing untill I walk to the bathroom then when I cam back by he started to talk about me aging and pointing his finger at me. I dont know what this man is doing but if he has a problem with me he need to come to me and not the people at the library there not my dad or any thing. Should I confrount the man or not. I dont do any thing wrong or bug people that I know of sit there and look at medhelp dont know what I did

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by child24angel, Sep 18, 2008
I don't get it

I must have missed something here, I'm sorry cowboy.

Good luck !

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by cowboy20022002, Sep 19, 2008
you might have

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by Fascination_Baby, Sep 19, 2008
Could you explain it a bit more?

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by cowboy20022002, Sep 19, 2008
what you want to know I mean that is about it

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by lonewolf07, Sep 19, 2008

He was talking about you "aging"?  Did I read that right?

Ever think about getting a dog to take with you when you go out.  Just a thought.  Dogs not only protects us, they give us a reason for "being somewhere" - as if we should have to explain that.

Mommawolf (only to you lol)

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by cowboy20022002, Sep 23, 2008
wolfmomma thanks I am looking for one I want to tak every one for the help luvs you all

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by Jules77733, Sep 24, 2008
lonewolf07: "aging" = again, I think...

So a man from the grocery store was annoyed or concerned that you were sitting in the parking lot without ever getting out of your car...and went into the library to ask the librarian about you? He probably didn't come up to you because he might not have had a "problem" with you--yet. He might have just been worried that something was "up" and was asking for more information about you from the librarian, to see if you were a "shady" person that he should actually be worried about.

I wouldn't get all worked up about it. It's not worth wasting your thoughts on, or stressing yourself out over. The people who matter don't mind, and the people who mind, don't matter. If he ever confronts you, just be respectful and explain to him that you just wait for your friend to meet and speak with you while you're waiting for the library to open.



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by Florida941, Sep 24, 2008
Its a free country last time i checked.  and parking lots arent private property inless posted ..  Granted , some one sitting in a car parked in a lot alone for a while and more than once  does look " shady "  specialy if that area is known for past drug traffic.  maybe bring a book or a magazine to read while u wait so u dont look so suspicious.  

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by cowboy20022002, Sep 24, 2008
I was working on my laptop

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