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I want to see my baby too :(

Apr 26, 2011 - 1 comments

So I got a text yesterday morning from one of the girls from my pre-natal class, saying she gave birth to her baby girl on Sunday. I'm really happy for her and everything is fine (though her due date was on May 2nd, 10 days before me). She's the second one in our group of 5 to give birth. Really made me wonder when it's my time to shine... I have her mom on FB, send her a message to congratulate her and said something along the lines of 'well now we just have to wait for me and the others to go into labor!'. She wrote back that she knows something about one of the other girls but she's not going to tell me just yet, to tease me. I know this means that one of the other girls is either in labor right now or had her baby as well, which is totally frustrating! I could end up having to wait another MONTH before I go into labor (if my baby decides to be 2 weeks over due) while all the others get to hold their babies and not be pregnant already :( I know it's silly but I'm really kind of jealous. I hate feeling like that, jealousy is the worst feeling in the world and I really am happy for them having healthy babies. Guess I'm just hormonal :(

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by HaYnSweetie, Apr 26, 2011
I was the same way! It seemed like everyone who was around my due date was having their babies and i just couldnt wait to have mine. I now wish that i couldve stayed pregnant until 39-40 weeks. I was induced at 37 weeks due to pre-eclampsia and my son wasnt ready to come, he wouldve been over 9lbs had i gone full term. So just hang in there (: your time will come and when everyone is at home with their babies they will all be checking up on you to see if you had yours rather be the last one to have my baby that way everyone is waiting on you lol.

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