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Great is Thy Faithfulness

Apr 26, 2011 - 3 comments












I had such a blessed weekend and just want to write it down.  God made it soo clear to me this weekend that He is faithful and will provide for me always!  
Money was extra tight this week as I had some unexpected bills and there was little left for groceries.  I had about $130 in the bank, and needed to get groceries for the week, plus ingredients for several things for Easter dinner, PLUS the kids' Easter candy!  It was gonna be quite a stretch.  Well I just went in and got what I needed. Kept finding coupons i didn't know I had (and i'm using pretty meticulous and on-top of my coupons, LoL) for almost everything I needed!  For several items, I found coupons laying on the shelf that someone had left.  Everything I needed, and I mean *everything*, just happened to be on sale.  It was uncanny.  Got everything on my list and then some, LOTS of candy for the kids, and my bill was exactly $133.  Perfect!
On Saturday my middle son Eli spent the day with my mom.  While he was there, she had my brother give him a haircut, which he BADLY needed but i couldn't find the time (or $) to get him.  Another blessing!

Sunday morning at church, the band played/sang Great is Thy Faithfulness and it just struck me. :)

Monday, at my mom's again.  Noticed her garden flag and mentioned that I couldn't find the bumblebee one I had, (I love bees and collect bee stuff) and that I would have to buy a new one.  I said, "They're only about $6-7 bucks, right? I'll use a 40% off coupon at ACMoore and get one this week since I can't find the one I had last year."  While I was still at my mom's houdse, she finds a bag of stuff in her closet that she bought LAST summer for me,and guess what's in it?!?  A gorgeous garden flag with a beehive and bees, as well as bumblebee placemats, dish towels, etc, etc.!!  

It just capped off my weekend and the certainty that GOD is providing for me, and that I need not worry for anything because I can depend on HIM!  

Oh-- and-- while we were at my mom's, my brother gave my other two boys haircuts, saving me even more! :)

Oh how I hope that God will bless me with a baby this month, but if He doesn't, my tune will not change: Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord Unto Me!

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1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Apr 26, 2011
Awesome !! Love that :)

1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Apr 26, 2011
I like bees too .I call my littlest son hunnybee and he has a bee pillow pet .

719902 tn?1334165183
by jenkaye21, May 23, 2011
Still feelin' the LOVE, lol.  Last week I *found* a $100 bill in my purse that I have NO idea where it came from.  Ended up needing it for an unexpected doctor's appt and prescription (for my 5 y/o) and a few other miscellaneous expenses, and it was a blessing to have it, for sure!  

Was able to pay CASH for 2 new tires on my car, too (badly needed-- the cords were actually showing!) and will buy 2 more when I have the cash.

I am surprisingly relaxed (so far) during this month's 2WW, because I know God will provide in His own perfect timing.  Besides, I also have plans to call my doctor if i'm not pregnant this month.  I'm a little concerned I may have some scarring from my d&c.  (I've *always* conceived on the first try, literally; it's been 6 months.) Whatever we discover, I will face it head-on.  I will do whatever it takes!!

With God, ALL things are possible!!

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