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loss of breast tenderness 2nd trimester

Apr 28, 2011 - 6 comments

2nd trimester


breast tenderness







so ive noticed this whole week that my boobs arent sore anymore, is that normal for 16 weeks, its kinda freaking me out. I dont have any nausea anymore too and am feeling pretty normal apart from the weird twinges and pulling feelings in my tummy.

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1194973 tn?1385503904
by Clysta, Apr 28, 2011
Yup. Second trimester is frequently referred to as the "honeymoon" period where you should be feeling your best. You can always speak to your doctor if you're concerned, but it's nothing to really worry about. Relish it!!! :) The third trimester is super annoying like the first because you're bigger and baby is pushing up on all your organs and lungs.

1528695 tn?1360582320
by logigirl, Apr 28, 2011
i lost tenderness early on. It was really scary for me since that was the ONLY symptom i had of being pregnant. I've managed to make it to 30 weeks and so far we are okay. I am noticing that my breast are becoming sore once again.

1274271 tn?1453262165
by navaehlei, Apr 29, 2011
thanks you guys! i think im ok im feeling weird things in my tummy allot now that i never used to feel i put that to being baby if im right?? lol

1194973 tn?1385503904
by Clysta, Apr 30, 2011
Most likely. What weird things are you feeling?

1274271 tn?1453262165
by navaehlei, Apr 30, 2011
um like whenever im on the computer or sitting down i can feel this squirmy feeling...i dont know how to describe it lol

875268 tn?1332768851
by iMazed, Apr 30, 2011
Oh I know that feeling! It's probably your uterus, since it's taking up more space it can feel funny. Wouldn't worry about the whole breast tenderness thing, that'll come back at the end of your pregnancy! Was the same for me, what logigirl said. Mine were sore for like 3 weeks and then nothing! Won't be long before you start feeling your baby moving, I started feeling mine around 17 weeks!

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