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PDD or Aspergers.....Finally we may have answers!!!!

May 01, 2011 - 0 comments

My Husband and I are so relieved to finally have an idea of what is/has been going on with our son. He went in for a re-check of his tonsils and they were 3 x the size they should be so we are to see an ear/nose/throat doctor to find a solution to that. His doctor thinks it is either Aspergers or PDD. He goes in for a autism eval pretty soon. After reading all the signs/symptoms of both PDD and Aspergers I have no doubt in my mind that he has one of those. I had been reading more on the "Classic" autism as some sites reffered it. He meets the descrption to a "T" for Aspergers or PDD. So, I am very interested to see what the professionals say. I also read that pregnancys back to back give the child a higher risk of having austim. It said children born withing the same 12months are 3 x more likely to have autism which his sister and him are 11 months apart. His doctor does think he has adhd and he does have a sensory disorder  for sure. It will be interesting to see what they say after his eval. I will be really shocked if they dont think its PDD or Aspergers cause he has almost every sign syptom they list. And when you see him you can tell there is something going on more than just the adhd/sensory.

We also have decided to move into a larger home. One with two extra rooms to have a sensory room for Hunter but also for his siblings to use for therapy and then the other room will be a playroom. It also has a huge yard with two seperate fence areas both very large for a pool and trampoline (with safety net of course) but its enclosed seperately for safety. We put a bid on it so hopefully should know anytime!!!!!

This picture was taken after we made an aquarium. He always makes faces for pictures we are never able to get one of him smiling. Which his faces are cute but when its a professional family portait.......

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