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The ups & downs of thyroid disease

May 01, 2011 - 1 comments

Not long after my last post I started feeling a little down again.  I noticed facial & eye swelling.  I was also feeling the need to nap a lot.  I was eating a healthy diet, exercising more and feeling more tired. I had an endo appt last Wed. and talked to my dr about some of my symptoms and she suggested I up my synthroid dose to 150.  She said that sometimes increasing workouts requires an increase of synthroid.  Within days of my new dose, my face has seemed to return to it's normal shape and my energy is better. I'll go back for testing in 6 weeks.  I am still trying to do a gluten free diet and am becoming more convinced of it's benefits.  When I cheat I don't feel as good, I get gassy, irritable, and my eyes flare up.  I would like to find more info on the gluten/thyroid connection.  My brother was having gluten intolerance & overactive thyroid symptoms.  Rapid heart rate, shakiness,skin rashes, bloating, gassy, & other GI symptoms.  He cut gluten and all the symptoms have gone away. He says he's never felt better. I think for certain people, there is a big connection.

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by Ericamegan, May 01, 2011
I just wanted to pass on some of my favorite Gluten free finds.  I am trying to eat mostly fresh veggies, fruit & proteins.  Sometimes I just need crackers, pasta, or a quick bar to grab as a snack.  My favorite new find for crackers are Sweet Potato chips: Food should taste good brand.  Favorite pasta is a Quinoa pasta: Quinoa Corporation.  Favorite bar is Larabar: Small Planet Foods. I'm pretty sure all these are GF, Soy free & Dairy free.  :)

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