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A smalll novel: The story of my back and other health problems.

May 01, 2011 - 3 comments

  It all starts with the stupidity of the young. I was 16 and wrecked my car. I hit loose gravel after coming off of a low water bridge and went airborne. I managed to do this going up hill. Grandpa always said if you are going to do something give it your all! I managed to hit two trees. The first tree I hit on the passenger side tire. The impact turned the car back downhill, where I hit the second tree head on. Both trees were hit about five feet up. ( car was about five feet airborne. Broke my leg in half. went to hospital where nothing but my leg was checked, no mris, ct scan, nothing checked for head trauma. I should note that I hit the windshield twice and was unconscious for a undetermined amount of time. I had two passengers who managed to crawl out of the car. There was a car a few miles behind me that saw the wreck and they stopped to help, when they checked me they thought I was dead. I should also note this was my cousin that I grew up with and she did not recognize me. They went to the closest house and called the ambulance and got us help. I guess I came to while they were gone. Someone came up to "watch over the body' when I woke up. I think I made her pee her pants lol. Any way woke up and knew my leg was broken as my foot was backwards and I ran out of bone, no one would come close to me I straightened my leg and turned my foot back because I could feel it pushing my skin. Sorry if you have a weak stomach. I had surgery to have a metal rod put in from my knee to my ankle.                                                          

Forward two years. Got a full time job in a factory,still in high school full time. I started having back pain nothing severe just aching mostly. Took ibuprofen it helped for about a year. then got to where I couldn't put my shoes on in the morning I hurt so bad. Went to my doctor and was diagnosed with UTI. Ended up to where I went to the doctors about every 3 months. He never checked anything out side of my urine. Finally went in after about a year of pain and was told I had arthritis. He gave me a script for that and it was working. I was on it for almost a year.  

   Met my husband got engaged moved to New Orleans. Worked as a live in nanny plus babysitter to four other kids. Was there for six months when my back started hurting again. Had severe pain I could barely walk, could not stand straight had numbness tingling in my feet and legs. (like they were asleep only I think they were in a coma lol) . I went to four different emergency rooms but none would do a mri or give me a place to lay down and treated lie a drug addict. One hospital even gave me a pap smear, when I asked why they said it was probably a STD. I couldn't freaking believe it!!! So I decided to go home and wait until the next day and find a doctor. Woke up the next morning with no feeling I had to manually move my legs. I managed to pull myself up using a window ledge and used the walls as crutches. I eventually made it down stairs to the phone and called my husband. He just started a twelve hour shift and we were talking about what to do when I stood up and peed my pants. I had no bladder control. I knew it was serious then. He came home and we called a ambulance. I was taken by ambulance to Charity Hospital . There I was still treated like I was a crazy drug addict but they at least did a mri. It showed three herniated disk. I had herniated S1-L3. Also showed bone spurs arthritis. Finally had the doctors attention. She said she had never seen anyone my age with a back as bad as mine but if I was in my fifties she could understand. My back went out on my 21 birthday.

    I was admitted to the hospital had my surgery. The surgery was supposed to last 6 hours took 11 because once they got me open there was more damage than they could see on the mri. I was released form the hospital two days after my surgery. When I got out I promptly collapsed in my mommies arms.  Yes I called my mommie and told her I was having surgery and that I needed her. I got out of the hospital about the same time she hit the city limits. I didn't know what to do because I was given unclear directions on my release form to go back in two weeks for therapy. In the mean time my husband was barely working and I can no longer watch kids so our income was almost down to nothing. We decided to move back to MO. I came back went to dr after dr. Finally got into the ONE. You know who I mean, the one that is finally helpful. I got into PT,OT. and got back up on my feet so to speak. Got out of diapers. YEAH!!! All of this only took six months. I tried to get a job for a couple of years but was rejected because I was too much of a liability. Finally got one as a sewing machine operator. Lost it because I was not fast enough continued with the job search. I did do odd jobs like house cleaning cleaned dog kennels ect. It just wasn't enough steady money so I decided to try for my disability. I got it now but that took 7 years. When I filed I went to a neuro. to get updated medical records and found out that I had two disk re-herniate. Fun Fun.

  I ended up parapretic with neuropathy, doctors words not mine they seem the same thing to me. I only have 22% of feeling from my waist down. It was explained to me that I can get feeling back but when I asked what the nerve regeneration rate was I was told the width of a index card a year. I asked the doc " So I may be able to feel my *** by the time I am 120." he didn't think that was funny, well neither did I. Because of the extensive damage to my back the disk that are herniated now are inoperable. I have been to about 15 specialist over the last 12 years and they all say it is too chancy to operate.

   I have taken pain meds got addicted got off and now regulate myself on them. A script that used to last two weeks now last over a year. This february I was diagnosed with hashimoto's (hypothyroid). The second blood test showed my levels were level Now I am a new born when it comes to thyroid anything. I didn't even know about it until feb. when my levels were off on a regular blood test. I have had pain virtually every day for the but for the last four it has gotten worse. I have a tethered spinal cord also. between it and the thyroid they have a lot of the same symptoms. I have leg spasms nerve damage, migraines, arthritis, cyst on my back ovaries and wrist, tendonitis, hair loss (very significant I have lost about 50% volume from my hair) hair gain, noticed facial hair,(I plan on if I loose too much hair to try to grow a beard, dye it blue and do a extreme comb over) dry  flaky skin, dandruff, swelling constantly (as much as 5 pounds in a day usually it is 2-3), I think I may have high blood pressure now haven't been to doc's to have it checked yet, I get irrationally angry over small things, get sick fairly easy where before I was never sick, have allergies that seem to have gotten worse over the years, as long as I am doing something I am fine but if I don't have anything to do I fall asleep literally I have fallen asleep cooking dinner it get to the point that I will be watching tv or something and next thing I know I am waking up, easily confused and large amount of concentration loss. Everything from the hair loss down I have noticed getting worse over the last five years.

   If you have any comments, opinions, tips or hints that help you that I could try just let me know. I am very open minded or if you have any questions to ask me just ask, I am known for being brutally honest so don't worry about hurting my feelings, I do try to hold myself back, I can get kinda pushy lol. I am interested in figuring out my thyroid because it and my back have the same type of symptoms. I am wanting to get as back to normal as possible, whatever that means. Thank you very much for taking the time to read about the mess that is my life lol Good luck in yours and God bless

     Sincerely Yours, Sissie

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1157646 tn?1343967128
by Nat_16, May 01, 2011
What a story!

Sorry you've been through so much...but hey, that crazy blue comb over sounds great!  lol! : )

1671377 tn?1308434261
by lizzybee2011, May 01, 2011
Maybe its a medicine you are taking. I am on topomax for migraines and anger and my friend was on it and lost alot of her hair. I am praying I dont!

1613542 tn?1366468543
by bigsissie, May 04, 2011
@ Nat it is just life I have my good times too, I have some great friends and family so I can't complain too much. And I think the blue comb over willbe GREAT!!!!!!! may as well give people something to question.

@ Lizzybee. Unfortunately I do think it is from medicine but it is not one I can stop. It is for my thyroid. I am going to get an appointment set up with a specialist now that I have gotten some great advice from people on here to see if I can get it straightened out. I take Imatrex shots for the migrains, thank God I don't have very severe ones very often though. I hate giving myself shots.

Thanks for reading the drama that is my life lol I posted it so that I don't have to keep telling people about my back I just send them here!

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