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May 01, 2011 - 1 comments




Today was slightly better. Got on the scales and lost a few. Did the new treadmill this morning. Got a little studying done but mostly learned several things in photo shop and will begin taking appointments for people wanting their pictures done :)
My photography, exercising, my NOOK that i just got! (woot woot) and of course my baby girl are the things in life that keep me moving everyday and keep me getting up!

(picture is my kitty LOKI)

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by Misssy2, May 16, 2011
Your cat is cute.  I'm trying to piece together your story.  
I'm curious about what you are studying?  I was thinking of going back to school...but I think I'm too old.
UGH...I can't believe I'm 46 it is frigin depressing!

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