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weird day

May 02, 2011 - 5 comments



pregnancy over 35

just got up from the nap I'v scheduled for myself everyday
I'm feeling So sick almost thru up when smelling the food I had eaten in the afternoon, have a weird spot on my cheek that has been there since the beginning of my TWW and now there's swelling in the area below it (between the end of my lower jaw and my ear) thats very tender to touch and painful ...I'm worried bcz I can't even predict what this is or the cause of it..
on top of that, I had a nosebleed at 8:30AM - what a morning! haven't had any of those since I was 7 or 8!

very cranky and in a weepy mood...cud cry any second now...

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719902 tn?1334165183
by jenkaye21, May 02, 2011
I had a nosebleed *every* morning like clockwork with my first pregnancy.  Think of it as a positive sign that you are pg!  Sorry that you are not feeling well....

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, May 02, 2011

Thanks Jen!

do u think the swelling is normal? I'm so concerned about it.. have u ever heard of such a thing??

1527510 tn?1392301344
by Carly1306, May 02, 2011
From the sounds of it you're very hormonal right now lol. So I think half of these things are being caused by them...and the pregnancy too of course. The spot could just be from your hormones though...doesn't sound like anything serious. You're almost over the 5 weeks mark...i'm sure you'll settle down slightly when that's over with!

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, May 02, 2011

ya I'm hoping that these couple of days go by as fast and good as possible..
I'v been stuck home all day ever since I found out I was pregnant..haven't been going out much or meeting ppl until I'm sure everything's right on track and that this dreaded wait is I kinda have all the time in the world to worry and obsess about every single symptom..

called my BIL "dermatologist" and told him about this weird spot he said probably this swollen area beneath it a lymph node maybe irritated by the spot..on the other hand, my friend's fiance is a dentist, he thinks its from the progesterone I'm taking lol they all dont know am pregnant yet..but whichever it is I'm fine with some horrible horrible stuff online lol so got terrified)

thanks Carly I'm so relieved now ..dont know what I'd done without u!


1527510 tn?1392301344
by Carly1306, May 02, 2011
oooh well it definitely sounds like it could be from one of those then!
That's alright :) that's what i'm here for. I know you would be here the same if It were me :)
But stop looking at stuff like that online'll just cause yourself more unnecessary stress :P...that's an order lol

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