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Lymes history

Sep 19, 2008 - 0 comments

I had Lymes when i was 12 in 1988. It took a year for them to relize what i had and then they gave me one month of normal antibiotics......i nevr followed up.....went on to be pretty normal for 10-15 years.
About 8 years ago i started to have severe dry eys....real bad....i went to lots of doctors and never really mentioned that i had Lymes years ago because i thought that had been taken care of. I ended up having to get ductal plugs in my eyes (didnt really help to much)
Then i was having numbness and weakness in my hands and feet and top of head (again lots of doctors and reaserch) never thought to mention Lymes.
I also started having lots of memory loss and the dry eyes and pain in eyes and joints and hands and feet continued.

I got to the point where i couldnt kneel down or if i sat for a couple minutes...i needed help getting up (only 30 years old)

I freaked out and went to a doctor and said "Look i had Lymes 20 years ago and maybe there is something to that , but something major wrong PLEASE test me for evrything include Western Blot test"
I made it very clear that there was deff something wrong.

2 weeks later i went back the doctor read the results right there with me for the 1st time...he is a busy doctor and he never had time to look at them before i got there.
The look on his face when he read it really scared me.

He said wow! you have Lymes...maybe you got it again and maybe this is left over from years ago. He sent me to ID doctor and they put me on antiabotics for a month again.

Stll feel real bad and have noticable problems that other 33 year olds do not. I hope there is something more that can be done...I am really worried about what this will turn into. I already feel like i have Alzheimers because i cant remeber things right after i say them and i get confused for no reason out of nowhere. I am a large contract foreman in the Washington D.C area and it has started to affect my job.

Any further info you come across would be a big help.....


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