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Preg symptoms 25 weeks

May 06, 2011 - 1 comments

So I'm pretty much having aching pains in my ribs every day now, just in the right side!  I work in an office & I think sitting upright every day isn't helping.  I'm also plagued with heartburn every single day, which worsens as the day progresses also.  

I'm trying to stay semi-fit by walking when I can, but sometimes my tummy really hurts around the front of it, which my doc says is normal.  So Ive had to cut down & not over do it.

Most nights I just cant wait to get into bed to stretch out and get comfortable.  I'm sure all this uncomfortableness will get a lot worse the bigger I get, but sure it will be worth every single minute of it.

My boy is so active these days & I love feeling him kicking and moving around, even though sometimes my bladder takes a real beating!

I still am very tired some days, & still very emotional & small things can really upset me some days.  

I can't wait to meet my little boy in August!

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by jamrock1971, May 06, 2011
Hi Bex, i feel your pain hun im going through similar with the rib pain,have you got a pregnancy pillow? thats a god send for me in the evening DP says i cuddle it more than him lol! my little man is doing some serious zumba moves in my tum at all hours of the day and night which is so reasurring! hope your haert burn passes hun! i knoe that you can take gaviscon for it when pregnant used it during my last pregnancy. Take care hun! jan xx

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