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May 07, 2011 - 5 comments

been feeling really down, sad, and depressed since yesterday. Sounds crazy but I do miss my husband even though he had an affair and is still with her. The thought of Mother's Day is so depressing seeing that I dont have my baby angels or my husband for the first year to give me the support and encouragement to make it through the day. No bfp signs at all all af signs lots of chills, cold hands, nose and feet and if you know my history those are all af signs for me.

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by Houston79, May 07, 2011
Aww B! I'm so sorry. Of course you miss your husband, I understand.  I'm sure you're feeling sad and depressed.  I'm sorry, I wish I could give you a big hug.  There are a lot of sad things going on right now and its okay to feel sad.  Draw your strength from God and He'll get you through a hard Mother's Day.  He's done it for me.   I hope you get your bfp and these chills are nothing.  I'll be checking in on ya!  Hugs~Houston

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by Kricket212, May 07, 2011
So Sorry you are feeling sad.  I pray that you find strength to go in a Direction that will benefit everyone.  I don't understand why you would want to have a baby with a man that is still with the other women.  I am confused but only you know how you feel.  You are a GOOD person who deserves to be treated the right way.  Go find someone who can love & appreciate you for you.  Don't cut yourself short.

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by Sherri90049, May 07, 2011
I'm so sorry sweetie! I understand how you feel. We are all here for you and care about you VERY much! And you and I are both going to be mothers by Mothers' Day next year! xxx

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by Rellyrell, May 07, 2011
Im sorry that you are feeling down, you're an extremely beautiful women and some men don't realize what they have until they are gone. Im pretty sure it hurts but god has your back and he doesn't put anymore onn us that we can bare. If things don't work out know that god wanted it that way and you we find someone who deserves you and that will love you for you.

**** A person that would sleep with a married individual has no morals and would never be happy. He might be with her now but it won't last she will probably end up messing around on him and he'll try coming back to!!!

Have A Blessed Day!!!

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by delilah1546, May 25, 2011
i feel you gal and do not despair its a trying time i know how you feel av been there not once but many times worse of all he slept with his colleague for years having an affair and yet we all work in the same office. this girl really used to give me an attitude and eventually i got the wind i moved out and mourned for 1 yr then i asked myself? is he really worthy of my love and time does he even deserve my tears i stood up and decided to move on to love myself first and not to let anyone controll or determine my life ofr happiness anymore. with this new attitude i was carefull to choose my dates state my intentions and vowed never to take crap from any man. i decided to LOVE WITH MY HEAD AND NOT MY HEART and now am 15yrs happily married with one child and TTC. the burger tried to woe me back when he realised i had started seeing someone i slipped and met him 2wice on  a reconciliation date and we decided to move back in and put our painfull past behind us a yr later he was at it having sex allover and this time i decided enough was enough. all i can tell you is i had been married to the wrong man for 6yrs i endured pain misery and rejection in the name of love. so ask yourself.

this man you truelly love does he love you?? does he even care about you and what you are going through?
is he really worthy of your love?
is this love ???????
the bible says women submit to your husbands and husbands love your wives......... does your hubby love you????
look up the meaning of love in the bible and remember the bible gives you permission to divorce a spouse only if and only if there is infidelity and nothing else should separate two people except death.

so my dear mourn your hubby but reclaim your power to never ever let a man or woman or anything determine your happiness you are in charge of your life look at the beautifull things find happiness and you will leave your life to the fullness and purpose that GOD created you for.

truth is your hubby is living his life his happiness is to move around without a care in the world of the trail he leaves behind.
galfriend stand up do not mourn there are good guys out there praying for a good wife many have been heart broken by women/ girlfriends or wives others are single be prayerfull and ask God to guide your steps. Join a prayer group and  fast earnestly God will give you an answer.

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