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Neurology Visit for Lexi

May 10, 2011 - 0 comments










Yesterday we had our financial meeting with Early Intervention.  That went well.  Our coordinator stayed for nearly 2 hours mostly talking to us about Lexi and what we'll want to obtain from early intervention.  Friday is our meeting with all of her therapists and our coordinator.  From what I gather, our coordinator thinks they may only recommend therapy once a week for 1 to 2 hours but we will find out for sure Friday.  After that, therapies will start within 30 days.  The more flexible we can be, the sooner therapy will start.  I'm kind of anxious for this all to start.

As for the neurologist, we saw him today as well.  He mentioned that Lexi falls into the autism spectrum as well but also said that currently her development level is at the low end of normal.  He would like her to have an MRI done (with sedation) as well as a 24 hour EEG and bloodwork.  He said we could wait on these as well if we wanted but NO PREGNANCIES until we complete this testing.  DH and I are going to talk to the pediatrician on Friday as well to go over some of these tests, where he would like us to go and the risks of having them done and not having them done.  We're not really sure how to feel about them to be honest.

The neurologist is VERY concerned for DH as well.  He has a family history of heart attacks, strokes and migraines.  DH has had migraines since a young child.  He wants DH to have lots of blood work done as well and actually stressed that this was THE most important to have done.

Lexi has been doing well.  She's started saying Hi more and blows kisses when she goes nite nite.  We are probably going to enroll her in a mommy and me soccer program that is somewhat structured.  Our coordinated thought this would be good for her and her big sister goes there too.  I really like the program.  Lexi is still pulling out her hair and now the side of her head is starting to thin but it's not as severe as it initially was.

I still feel like I have more questions than answers and feel a little lost but am hopeful for the future.  Any thoughts, suggestions, advice is always appreciated.

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