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Getting kicked/punched/hit constantly and loving every minute of it!

Sep 20, 2008 - 3 comments

My dear son, Landen, is at the point ot where he is constantly hitting/kicking/punching me and I love it.  It does get uncomfortable and painful at times (like when he aims for the ribs), but I love it, b/c it ensures me that he is okay and doing well in there.  There are also times when he gets the hiccups and ends up kicking me in the ribs and/or bladder with every hiccup, but it is still all good, b/c he is healthy and strong and getting bigger every day.  I love it and can't wait to meet my little one! Only 11 more weeks to my new due date, (less than 9 to my old one).  I am so excited!  

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by surprisebaby, Sep 20, 2008
OHHHH...the joys of pregnancy....
I just wanted to let you know that    I   LOVE the name LANDEN!!!!!  

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by sarge1, Sep 20, 2008
I feel the same way, I love feeling my guy moving around in there, and am going to miss it soo much once I deliver. Sometimes I'll just sit here and watch my belly-it's funny when the whole thing just shifts to one side. DH is convinced I'm doing it, which makes me laugh. 44 days until my due date.

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by newbiemami08, Sep 20, 2008
same here!  i hate the bladder stomping!  but love all the movement!

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