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Waiting and waiting and waiting!

Sep 20, 2008 - 4 comments

I went last night to the hosp to have my blood drawn. My ob sent over an order he is convinced my pregnancy is going forward even though I thought it had ended. It was the most random news I received! I had found inner peace and strength to get me through the what I thought was the miscarriage and now I have to use those same skills to help guide me through the rest of the weekend! I guess I'm just afraid to let my guard down and realy be happy just to be crushed again! I'm so excited too at the idea I'm pregnant with a fighter. I could have lost my baby and yet they have the will to keep going and to hang in there. All I can do is just keep busy and pass the time. I do know however all of the friends I have made on here have made that very easy for me! I want to thank everyone for all your kind words and advice and most of all your support! Most of us are total strangers and yet we have become so united like a family it's amazing that good people still exsist in this world. Most of us are going through our own pain and to think we see through it to help others in need only proves we will all have our happy endings! Good things happen to good people and we are all good people! Thanks again and good luck to all of you!!!! I have every toe and finger crossed for all of you and myself as well!!!

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by redneckgurl, Sep 20, 2008
your in my prayers

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by Dee52, Sep 20, 2008
Redneckgurl, Thank God your baby is doing well.  You just keep your faith and talk to your baby. God is holding you each step of the way. I'm here if you ever need to talk.
Sending good thoughts and many prayers your way,

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by Tiger63, Nov 21, 2008
I am praying so hard for you. I really hope it works out. I know it's hard but try to stay positive. Please keep me informed.

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by ArmyPrincess819, Nov 21, 2008
Oh hun no that was written in sept when I was beginning to lose my pg!!!!!

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