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4 DAYS NO AF, And the symptoms begin!!!

May 12, 2011 - 0 comments

pregnancy symptoms


no af


4 days



So im going on 4 days without a period...and im noticing some symptoms..the day after my missed period I noticed cramping,the second day, nausea, third more nausea after I ate, and today I was suuuuppperrr fatigued..I woke up around 8, had sex with hubby and slept for another 30 minutes..then I got up made breakfast, and after eating a huge wave of fatigue just came over me and I had to run to my bed like a little baby to take a nap..slept for about 2 hours, after I woke up II was sttarrviinngg...I know all of this might mean my period is coming, so im not paticularly excited about these symptoms... The wait for my blood test on monday cannot come any sooner! UGHHH!

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