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May 13, 2011 - 1 comments

Blood Pressure









What a busy day is was today.  We had our IFSP (family planning) meeting the Early Intervention at 8:30 this morning.  All the wonderful ladies did not leave until 10:30 but the meeting went well.  They gave us tons and tons of tips for things we can do with Lexi to help her progress and were very encouraged to see the progress she has made already.  I told them of the PDD diagnosis from the neurologist.  They seem to think after therapies that the neurologist may reverse his PDD diagnosis.  They are recommending 1x a week of OT and 2x a week of DI (developmental intervention) and no PT at this time.  They believe the OT will address all the PT concerns.  All of this was some of the best news I've heard in a while.

After EI left, we had an appointment with the pediatrician at 11.  Talked all the testing over with him and he recommended we wait on the MRI and EEG.  As for the bloodwork, they'll be ordering testing at 2 years anyway so we will wait until then.  He sees no immediate concern for these tests unless Lexi continues to regress or not make any further progress.  Good news again!!

Following up the peds appointment, I had my chest x-ray completed at 1:10.  Hoping to have my bloodwork back by Monday and maybe the x-ray too?  We'll see!

After I completed my chest x-ray, stopped at the dry cleaners, put my dress in for alterations for my sisters wedding on the 28th of this month!!  Ahhhh!!!!  

Following there, stopped in the ob/gyn office and had my blood pressure checked.  Turns out is was pretty good.  Only 124/86 (much better than the 157/93 from 3 days ago...stress maybe???).  So, they wrote me out a script for my BC and I was on my way.

Completed my day so far by stopping to pick out shoes for myself and Rory for my sisters wedding.  Definitely feel like I made good use of my day and feel like some load has been lifted.

Lastly...I just wanted to thank you all that have commented, advised and given me words of encouragement.  Not sure I could gotten through this week without you all!

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by margypops, May 15, 2011
Thats great news about Lexi  jb I can imagine how much better you felt getting some good news ,they sound easy going about all the results and that's a good positive thing ...Hope your results are as good ..what a day and you even found time and energy to get some shoes ....I love it when things go well .....

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