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First Heartbeat

May 14, 2011 - 21 comments


Ok So after many many negotiations with my MH friends and all my battles with the - - thuts I had..I decided — while on my way to visit my mother — to stop at the hospital and book this sono get it over with..
So I arrived at the desk and asked the receptionist if she could gimme a print of the Dr's referral but then she replied asking if I wanted to c her since she's free..this way I wont have to go thru insurance hassle..I said ya y not?
went in Dr's clinic was empty..she greeted me and asked me to lie down for a "quick look" on her u/s before I go to the radiology department for the bigger u/s....well she immediately found the sac and turns out I measured 6 weeks exactly today..that means I'm 3 days behind..
heard that and felt really disappointed.. so reluctantly I asked  "is there a Fetal Pole?" she replied "yes and its pulsating too" I'm like "RU serious!?" she said "wait u'll hear it in a second" I teared up and laughed at the same time..
I bet this Dr isn't gonna let me c her after what she's seen from me today haha..or maybe send me to the psychiatry ward instead hehe..
anyways she turned the mic on and there it is..!!! I cudn't believe my ears !!!
sadly DH wasn't there to hear it since he's still away..but he was SO thrilled and happy to hear about it..
EDD is 7th of Jan instead of the day after DH's birthday and SIL's birthday ..

As for the measurements CRL is 3.3 mm but I can't find the HB on the picture...and can't recall the rate the Dr mentioned lol since I was in La La land
all I have now is a blurry foto cuz I'm using my fone's camera..will post a clearer one soon..

Thank u ALL for ur support and kinds words...nothing is impossible and from NOW ON I'm a strong believer of that..

Good luck to all of u TTCer and mother's 2b..


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1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, May 14, 2011
Omg!! See I told you!!! I'm so glad you went in omg!! I'll wrte more later, gotta go poas! Wish me luck!

Ps. My first born bday is Jan 6th!! ;0)

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, May 14, 2011

Cool!! POAS and let me no how it goes!
WoW 6th like my DH ...!! we have a LOT in common! hehe
Amanda in April and Troy on the 6th of Jan! what r the chances! hhe
hope the 3rd is due in Feb ;)

love u! and I promise I'll listen to u and my MH friends from now on haha

518733 tn?1333017015
by angelbabies, May 14, 2011
congrats! its the most amazing sound and feeling isnt it!! x

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, May 14, 2011

U kidding me!! I felt like crying! its beautiful :) ...
hope u get to hear ur soon too :)
Thanks sweetie and TC

1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, May 14, 2011
Just did hpt and got the slightest 2nd line. Could be evap or even leftover trigger, although I don't think it's trigger cos I got a negative two days ago, hehe. I tested last night before bed and got a slight line too! It just doesn't look stronger this morning, so I'm a little bummed. Tomorrow will test again, but I'm getting some cramping :( already so I might be out. Only a few more days and I'll know for sure!

Back to you.... I am OVERJOYED that you saw the BABY'S heartbeat!! How amazing!! I think you need to tell your mum.... You really need the support of your mommy right now... Consider it pls! And get some sleep!! My God, you are gonna make yourself weak and sick! I know I lost sleep last night over your ordeal, lol!



518733 tn?1333017015
by angelbabies, May 14, 2011
i know its was one of the best days of my life when i was told there was a h/b on my scan with my dd second to the day she was born, cant wait to do it all again! im happy for you tho enjoy ur pregnancy every part is amazing! :) xx

1568930 tn?1326706216
by Lizwishes, May 14, 2011
so happy for you! 8 )

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, May 14, 2011

Cher, I really understand ur fears but u saw my journal I was exactly the same and even more! do u feel unusually bloated? I felt FAT starting 2DPO hehe
I'm praying for u and honestly don't wanna get ur hopes up but I'm overly excited for ..I have a feeling this is it! Hope I'm not wrong and try skipping tomorrow without testing..IF possible ...hard for a POAS

I'm really happy but for some reason still don't feel ready to tell any1 yet ..y? no idea lol my mum obviously suspects it but I think I shud wait until the first Tri is over then tell them..

Angelbabies, I hope u get to experience this again and that u never have to go thru any losses anymore..
will b pulling for u and keeping my fingers crossed that this is ur month..!
TC :)

Liz, Thanks! I hope u get ur CLEAR BFP soon! :)

1473300 tn?1397588529
by renny320, May 14, 2011
Congratulations! That is great news! It always helps ease your mind to hear that little heart beating.

Avatar universal
by echoecho9er, May 14, 2011
Oh see I told you its allllllll good! Congrats girl, can't wait to see how everything progresses, more pics and belly pics!!  
I'm so so so so excited for you!!!!!!! How's hubby, he must be over the moon!!!!

1428239 tn?1333457053
by PetiteWonder, May 14, 2011
Congratulations.. that is amazing

I remember being in your boat... My last pregnancy turned out to be a blighted ovum and ididnt have a scan until 12 weeks and I had no idea....  This pregnancy again wasnt getting a scan until at least 12 weeks...

and I was freaking out.. my symptoms where here and then gone then back then gone.. I was so scared... I went to the emegency with back pain one day and because I was pregnant they did an ultrasound with a crappy machine.. I was 12 weeks at the time, and when she went to do it, I started crying because I was soooooooooooooo afraid it would be an empty sac again...  But sure enough, there was a baby..and a flicker!  it was amazing.. I was so happy...

then i got to have my official ultrasound 2 weeks later on the good machine.. only measuring 1 day behind my LMP but exactly on what i thought based on ovulation since i ovulate late...  the baby was doing flips and rolls.. it was so amazing.. I am still nervous because I have a long way to go.. but I remember that first moment of relief when you see the baby

1413149 tn?1344004027
by aliaa82, May 14, 2011
wohoooo i am so happy for you told you everything is just gonna be alright keep post more pic :)

al7emdelah 3ala kil 7aaal :)

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, May 14, 2011
I'm SO happy Ladies Thank u So much for ur great support :)

Shawna, I didn't C this coming! I never expected to hear the heartbeat until I'm like 14 or 16 weeks! it was AMAZING! my heart goes crazy every time I remember the sound of it!
DH is SO excited but he was sad he didn't hear it and wasn't there at that time..but I'm going back in 10 days anyways! :)

Petite Wonder,
12 WEEKS!!! I'd spend them crying or weeping or maybe I'd die b4 getting to my appointment haha..
glad u survived all that time and that things turned out fine at the end..I can't imagine waiting for 12 weeks then getting a "no HB" answer!
The feeling is SO amazing I didn't know how great such a thing could b until I heard it my self! aaaahhhh
can't wait till I C my baby doing flips and rolls like urs! :D
Don't b nervous I think ur critical time is over! its time to enjoy it..just enjoy it! :)

Avatar universal
by echoecho9er, May 14, 2011
I'm just so glad you've relaxed into it now and can enjoy it. Next time bring something to record the sound, like your phone or something and you can play it when you're ready to tell your mom, that would be awesome for her to hear it too when you tell her!!!!

I'm so happy for you, and so so so glad you can now give that little one the joy he/she deserves!!  If only that meant all the nausea would go away hey : )   All the very very best girl.


1186852 tn?1423660370
by xx_Louise_xx, May 15, 2011
Wow...Im sooo pleased for you! Fantastic news.. :) Amazing that u heard the heartbeat!! Can u please try and relax a little now...


1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, May 15, 2011
So happy everything is going great for you!!!! :)

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, May 15, 2011

Thanks ladies, hope u all experience the same thing even better...soon!
I just arrived from the hospital been sick all morning Dr had to put me on IV fluids..I'm feeling much better now but still really tired..
TOO much for the trying to "relax and enjoy the pregnancy"'s all good
hope ur all doing well now!


1405669 tn?1347567948
by wakejl, May 16, 2011
I am so, so happy for you!!! Not the IV fluids part, of course. But the heartbeat, how wonderful is that?!!!
I had to be on IV fluids when I was pregnant with my DD, and I took Zofran for the entire pregnancy. But she turned out healthy and perfect, so I'm sure your little one will be the same.
I'm so excited, this is great news!!

1105753 tn?1374287348
by mjmom69, May 16, 2011
How wonderful! I'm so excited for you!! Tak care of yourself and that little one!

1363945 tn?1318881582
by jamrock1971, May 16, 2011
The best sound in the whole world!! congrats! :)

1240856 tn?1333440354
by loved29, May 16, 2011
i'm so happy for you....what a's all going brilliantly :)

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