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Fat, Fat, Fat!

Sep 21, 2008 - 0 comments

I feel so Fat, and I just want to scream, I hate the way I look at the moment and I hate my clothes being tighter on me and the flab sticking out. I feel like ****.  
I can't let my daughter see that I am worried about my weight as this will impact on her and that's the last thing I want for her... Please my dear girl (love yourself for you) be healthy..
I am causing her to also eat bad food as she sees me eating **** so she eats it too.. It will catch up on her too one day (when she is my age) and it will be all my fault.
I need to be more active and get motivated, get off my arse and actually move vigorously instead of having excuses or saying I will start tomorrow.. I need to start now.
I don't know how to start and I have never had this problem before, I have always had a healthy weight and managed it quite well.
When I was in hospital they warned about putting on weight... I can't handle this i really can't.. I can't be bothered either doing anything about it but I want to (how sad am I ). I know I need to lose weight, I know I need to change my diet and exercise more and yet I can't be bothered.  That's what scares me so.  Not being bothered!!!
I need to get bothered and now!!!!

Please body stop putting on weight and lose it instead...

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