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May 15, 2011 - 0 comments





low testosterone

A sports injury and bacterial infection resulted in sterility, and hypogonadism; I am not surgically castrated, but for all practical purposes still a eunuch. Thus my login name:  Unick.  Although I take pharmaceutical testosterone it does not produce the same libido results as natural testosterone.  I thought loss of sex drive would be traumatic. But surprisingly this is not the case. I am able to focus on more important things. Many other things in life are very pleasurable.  I feel like I am in control of mind, body and emotions. When my natural sex drive was in full bloom it seemed like it was in control of me.  It's one of those "try it, you might like it" kind of things.  But of course it is not that easy.  Sterility and hypogonadism are non-reversable and permanent.  Having this deficiency is far better than many other health problems one could have, so you just work with what you have.  Medications and devices help on occasion to experience that part of the body's anatomy.  

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