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My Birthday

May 25, 2011 - 2 comments

My Birthday big 23 :-) wish our little angel could have shared this day with us... we would have been 11weeks :-(

UPDATE on symptoms : twingy pains in my lower left and back pain just started this evening!
had a dream i got lots of bfps.. i kept testing and they kept getting darker.. maybe its because im  thinking about it so much

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by retta483, May 17, 2011
happy Birthday <3   Your baby is still with you in your heart  :) im sorry about your loss  I would have been 18 weeks and  I try not to think about it but its hard not to . hope you have a very special day !

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by princessren88, May 17, 2011
Happy birthday! I'm 23 next Friday. So sorry for your loss.

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