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What NOT to say to a pregnant woman.

May 17, 2011 - 3 comments

Seriously, sometimes the insesitivity of people makes me take a step back and say: "Wow, did that really just come out of your mouth?" I'll write down a few, but you're welcome to add any!

1. Oh, you're just being hormonal!
Yes, my ovaries are producing more progesterone during my pregnancy than any other non-preggo out there does in three years. My brain is soaking in hormones that make me forgetful, worried about everything and not in control sometimes. That does NOT mean that every time I get angry at something, feel like eating something other than ultra-healthy food or cry at a sad part in a movie, it's down to my hormones. I am still a normal human being, thank you.

2. Lord, you're HUGE!
Eh, yes. I am carrying around a baby inside my belly. That, plus the fact pregnancy tends to make your body retain absurd amounts of water makes me bigger than you. That does not mean you need to comment on it every time you see me. You would not say that to me if I weren't pregnant, so why feel the need to do it now?

3. Whoa, not long now ey?!/How long till you're due?
Every middle aged female stranger has asked me that, at least twice. I hope it's not long now.

4. Have you had your baby yet??
No. If I would have, you would have known. There would have been pictures on facebook, you would have received a card/call/text to tell you the good news, I would have TOLD you somehow that my pride and joy has finally decided to come out, so you can coo over him/her.

5. Here, have another helping. You're the one eating for two!
Though I appriciate your kindness, please don't make me aware of the fact that I need to eat. A lot. Because it's something I have noticed already, and if you remind me it only makes me think of stretchmarks and having to exercise like a madwoman after I give birth.

Can't think of any more right this minute. I'm too tired and I'm having fake contractions again (grr!). Will think of some more tomorrow!

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by iMazed, May 17, 2011
One little add before I go to bed though! My old couch was picked up today by the goodwill foundation guys. One of the guys made me laugh (I admit, it is very difficult to make me NOT explode over things people say nowadays). He had quite a big belly himself and the first thing he said when he entered my home was: "Don't worry love, yours will go away in a little while. Mine won't." I though that was kind of sweet :P

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by princessren88, May 17, 2011
Lol haha that's a good one!!!!

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by sweetpea03, May 17, 2011
lol. I love the comment from the guy from Goodwill. Reminds me of the professor I had a couple semesters ago. He had a medical condition that made his abdomen look like he was 8 months pregnant and him and a pregnant woman in class would compare belly sizes. haha.

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