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Still waiting.........

Sep 21, 2008 - 1 comments







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The weekend is almost over! I tried really hard to not obsess or dwell on the fact that I will know my fate tomorrow. It's amazing at how attatched you become to your baby even at 6 weeks and 4 days! I don't know about anyone else but it's more than just about being pregnant. I love my man with all my heart and soul. I'm so in love with the idea of growing half on him under my heart! It's all about love for me. The love I have for him I can't imagine the love I will have for our child. I know what a devastation this has been on him and the pain and the sadness he has had over this. I feel a bit guilty at the idea that he finally came to terms with a miscarriage and then I had to tell him friday oh by the way the pregnancy maybe going forward. He is such a good man of course he was happy but he is so afraid of being let down again he refuses to let his guard down. My Sgt, My Marine is built like a machine and the only thing in his life he has had the most trouble dealing with is thinking we miscarried our baby. We are in love and we are both so happy and all we wanted was just to have a happy family. I hope that after having such a great weekend that we will have an even better week. I hope my baby is tucked safe inside of me gorowing and growing and growing. Please keep your thoughts and prayers with us and hope for the best. And to anyone else who is waiting too or trying to cope with a loss my thoughts and prayers are with you! I hope to be celebrating tomorrow!!!

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by tjoan910canadian, Jan 02, 2009
My prayers and thoughts are with you..........and I truly know how you feel daughter just lost her third baby.....and she tried so hard to keep him after her amniotic fluid was lost at 18 weeks...she carried him to 7 months....but his lung had not developed.....even though some babies do survive this syndrome.......Wyatt did not.....and we loved him with all our hearts as we did his two earlier sisters.

So please do not give up......I know how you can love a baby at six weeks and 4 days...............................a Mother's love is the strongest love that I know of...........God please keep this baby safe.....hugs Tj

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