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Monthy Check up

May 11, 2011 - 0 comments

Saw the doctor.. waiting a whole month after getting to see the baby is doing well weekly is just not easy at all...  But we hear the heartbeat and Oh wow..  I loved it all over again :)  

Also dispite the pain from my back, kidneys, round ligamint and headaches I have felt the baby 5 days in a row now and that makes me so happy!! :)  

Still very picky eating but I am doing good says the doctor. I gained 4 more pounds so a total of 6 now.  My blood pressure has been really good.  it was 112/76 this time.  

Also, we are so excited we get the utlrasound for seeing baby and finding out the sex on May 28.  We are doing a gender party for it..   So the answer will be in an envelope and we will take it to a friend who will bake a cake and we will go out to a late lunch with some close friend and family to have it revealed to all of us at the same time.  Can't wait!!!!!

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