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Incontinence, night sweats...HELP!

May 19, 2011 - 1 comments



night sweats





I feel like I am about to go crazy and am not sure which direction to take at this point.  I finally went to the doctor a week and a half ago about my night sweats.  I've probably been experiencing them for a good 6 to 9 months now but didn't realize it at first.  It was winter and the heat was on.  I tend to get hot very easily so I hadn't taken notice until I had a few nights where I woke up soaked from head to toe.  Most other nights, my head and bottom sweat enough to dampen the sheet and pillow.

So, I went to the doc. and he ordered all kinds of tests including hiv and a chest x-ray for tuberculosis.  He did not order any hormone tests though.  I called earlier this week and just felt so deflated and defeated.  Another doc. from the practice returned my call and told me that all my tests were normal!  Honestly, I really don't understand how that can be.  I'm 33 and these started out of no where.  I asked her what do I do know what she said????  She was looking my symptoms up on the internet to see what else it could be and possibly order more tests.  I asked about checking my hormone levels and all I got was a "you're too young" for menopause.  I realize that I am but that doesn't mean it can't happen and it doesn't mean that my hormones aren't out of whack without being in menopause right?  She told me to come in to have more bloodwork done and followup with the first doc. I saw.

I had forgotten at my first appointment to mention my incontinence problem and it is getting progressively worse.  I did mention it on the phone this time but was dismissed as it was normal after having 2 children.  This I do realize accept the fact that it is getting worse.

Do I call and make a follow up visit with the first doctor?  Do I call and schedule a visit with my ob/gyn instead?  Do I do both?  I am at such a loss right now and just felt like I wanted to cry the other day.  I worry that with everything else going this all in my head?  Am I going crazy?  Am I just trying to control the situation because this is a more controllable situation then the one with Lexi?  UGH!!!

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by sherrieP, May 19, 2011
You are NOT going crazy, trust that you are experiencing what you think you are. A few women do go through menopause early, others experience harsher states of peri-menopause. I was one of those women who was supposed to go through menopause in my early 30s (never had periods, spotted at 15, light period at 17, went on pill at 18); because I went through fertility to conceive my son in my early 30s is shifted my body a bit so I didn't go into menopause until early 40s.
Don't waste time and money at regular dr, see your ob/gyn and if she isn't open to hormone testing, seek out out a naturopath-there are bio-identical hormones that could really help you with this. Also I recomment you pick up a book by Uzzi Reiss called Natural Hormone Balance, it will probably answer every question you have.

On the urinary incontinence, the most common cause of inc is vaginal childbirth and # 2 is menopause. Please read the 2nd post on the Urogynecology Forum to find out the basics of POP to see what all fits for you and then shoot me questions if you have any. It could be that from loss of estrogen the pelvic floor is weak but you may also  have a cystocele-hard to say without more detail. I think the article will give you a better idea of backdrop.

If you do decide to see a dr who leans on the holistic side and does bio-identical hormones and don't know how to find one, give me a shout.

Hang in there hon!

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