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thyroid cancer

Sep 21, 2008 - 3 comments

Thyroid Cancer




spread to trachea?


throat fullness















I am just ready to throw my hands up in the air and give up.  I was dx with hypothyroidism in jan or feb of 08 then hashimotos then a nodule then cancer  surgery for a total thyroidectomy by may RAI in June and here I am still with the horrible symptom that made me so persistant in the first place.  Since about january I have had a feeling like someone was holding there index and middle finger and firmly pressing on my trachea area it does not worsten or get better with anything.  it has stayed the same since I felt it.  So I went to my pcp yesterday and he told me that there was uptake in my whole body scan(after rai) in that precise area but a little to the left.  the nuc med dr and my endo told me this was nothing to worry about its normal to have uptake there bla bla  okay but what is this symptom?  My pcp is now ordering oodles of tests and consulting with my endocrinologist, surgeon and having me see an ent.  and get a pulmonary funtion test.  I am just sooo tired of this!  I am ready to just live with the symptom and ignoring the drs.  The last time they helped me I was told this is an easy cancer and the rai treatment was possibly the most ill I have ever felt I threw up for three days in the hospital and an array of many other symptoms.  i am honestly afraid if I do all the tests we will find something else and I just dont want to hear it!   I hope this all just goes away:(

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by ChitChatNine, Sep 22, 2008
Hi Faith007g!

I can only imagine what that pressure on your trachea feels like.  Did they do a CT Scan at all?  I am a patient like you (had a partial thyroidectomy in '07) and a few thoughts come to mind.  The CT scan is one to look at any type of scar tissue which an ultrasound will not pick up on.  Just a thought.  It also would show any other type of issue that could *possibly* be putting pressure on your trachea that cannot be felt by a physical routine.  However, it sounds like this pressure is the same pressure you had before your original surgery?

I would like to invite you stop by the thyroid community .. I know you've posted before with us, but definitely copy your journal into a post and see what other's have to offer, too .. so many members have such diverse info to help you maybe they can suggests some ?'s to ask your net doctor.

6 weeks after my thyroid surgery I had a terrible pressure and it turned out I had an infected cyst which ruptured and nobody ever knew about the cyst but after it ruptured my body produced scar tissue around the cyst and it grew and grew inward pressing on my trachea and was completely missed during the surgery and was removed 6 weeks later (about 1.5cm's) totally benign ... so I know what that pressure on the trachea feels like ... you just want to rip something out.

Hang in there and keep in touch with us (or me) on thyroid .. we are here for you!

Thyroid Community

Partial 1/07
TSH 1.8
Synthroid 75mcgs
papillary micro's (2 of them incidental) and two totally benign nodules (2cm's)

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by brownie2466, Aug 12, 2009
I have the exact same feeling.    It is now almost 3 years since my surgery to remove my thyroid cancer.   Mine had spread to surrounding tissue (muscle) and was right up against my trachea.    After the surgery I have that same feeling of someone grabbing and putting pressure on my "voice box".   It tends to tighten up during the day and I get where I can barely speak.  It can be very uncomfortable.   I consulted my ENT surgeon and he said that it was very possible that in my surgery one or more nerves to my larynx was severed.  One/some control the tension to the trachea.   He said it was unfortunately something I would just have to deal with.  I don't know if this is also the cause of what you are experiencing, but I thought I'd give you a possible explanation - at least one that I got.

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by ChitChatNine, Aug 12, 2009
Would speech therapy be something to look into or is 3yrs too long?

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