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Cravings, Private Gender U/S & Smoking

May 22, 2011 - 2 comments










So I've been very hungry today! Eaten loads!
Also had 4 packets of smokey bacon crisps. I usually dont like these as they usually repeat on me but today Ive loved them and they havent once repeated on me. Wondering if this is my 1st craving?
Havent really craved for anything else. My bump is clearly on show now, cant be missed no matter if I lie down, lie on my side, either way its very visiable.

I still havent managed to cut them nasty cigarettes out (hangs head in shame) The nicotine replacement doesnt seem to be working and the patches just make me itch terribly. Although I am going to try again tomorrow and go smoke free. Seems I crave more cigarettes now that am pregnant. It worries me so much because I really do want my baby to be as healthy as can be.

Booking a private ultrasound for mid June, this will also be a gender scan. I will be between 16-17 weeks pregnant. I cant wait for my scan on NHS which they will be giving me at 20 weeks pregnant. Its just far too long to wait. Anything can happen in that amount of time. The private scan is costly but I think its wel worth the money. Already sorted the money and awaiting it to clear in the bank which should be there within the next few days so then I can book and know the exact day I will be going.

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647911 tn?1373318247
by nic374, May 24, 2011
Just so u know with both of my girls and even with this pregnancy, it took me until 13 weeks to stop smoking, With my first two they were born healthy my first daugther was 8lbs 12 ozs and my second was 8lbs 14 ozs , now I did quit the sames applies for this baby it has been several months since I Iast smoked, but soon I would say before 15 weeks pregnant you need to stop, it will impact your babies birthweight amoung other problems like premature labor, etc, I realize how diffcult it is to stop smoking but with all my pregnancies what I did was slowley start cutting back then stop smoking i had horrible guilt smoking with my pregnancy until I finally stopped, Even thou all these months have gone by I still crave ciggs so much I just dont have the physical w/d's anymore, Hope this helped :)

1382355 tn?1372534275
by BabyDreamin88, May 24, 2011
Thank you very much. I now know am not alone. I also feel sooo gulity everytime I puff on a cig but the craving for them is just unbearable! The thought of my babys heartbeat stopping scares me to death. The baby seems ok at the moment, although I do struggle to find his/her heartbeat on the doppler and so am sending it back cause its just causes me so much depression wondering whats going on inside me.
Everyday I say to myself and DF tomorrow is my quit day but I cant seem to go an hr when waking without having terrible mood swings and then having a cig to calm my self down.
Am determined to stop as I dont want to be a smoking mother, and told myself and all family that there will be no smoking whatsoever around my child (all my family smoke, including DF)
I do try everyday to cut down but it seems since Ive been pregnant I want one even more!! :(
Yet again am saying tomorrow is my quit day, but am more determined then ever. I feel so ashamed of myself for smoking whilst pregnant, and am now 13wk2d pregnant.

Thank you sooo very much for your advice. I will bare what you have said in mind. Thanks again.

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