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Being induced

May 23, 2011 - 19 comments

Well, my nightmare has come true. The one thing I didn't want this pregnancy was being induced (and/or get a c-section) and that's exactly what's going to happen this thursday. The doc I spoke to at the hospital wasn't very friendly; I had a 5 minute talk about my CTG and was out of the door before I realized what had happened. I think she was in a rush and not very interested in my worries, but I guess that's the way things go in a hospital. At least I got to see the L&D rooms (they're nice and colorful, with lots of room) and the nurses there were very nice, so I guess it's not all bad. The baby is doing fine too, I'm just not having any contractions nor any dialation yet. It could all happen very fast of course, but I don't think it will.

Keep me in your thoughts!

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by MARLENISS2006, May 23, 2011
Im praying for you hun, good luck!!

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by princessren88, May 23, 2011
So sorry you have to get induced!!! But hopefully once he's here that will all not matter!! I get why you didn't want to get induce, but I guess sometimes it needs to happen to yet things started... Hope it all goes smooth and you don't need to much meds to get you going!!!!

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by HaYnSweetie, May 23, 2011
I had to be induced at 37 weeks and after 32 hours of labor i had a c-section. My whole pregnancy i kept saying...i dont want a c-section, i dont want a c-section...then i had one lol. It wasnt as bad as i thought. It was so quick, but the healing process after really *****. It hurt to cough or sneeze and it was hard for me to get in and out of bed. My husband pretty much did all the work for the 1st 2 weeks...aside from breastfeeding lol. After the 1st week i was a little better, but it wasnt until after i got my stitches out that i felt really good. Good luck sweetie, i cant wait to hear about your birth story and see pictures of your handsome baby boy (:

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by HaYnSweetie, May 23, 2011
i meant **STAPLES** out lol.

875268 tn?1332768851
by iMazed, May 23, 2011
Aw HaYnSweetie, that's not something I want to hear just before being induced :/ I'm dead scared for a c-section, please don't say things like that :( Not nice!

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by Ashelen, May 23, 2011
hey don't sweat it....not all inductions are bad! i was induced 4 days before my due date with my son because I was having some neurological problems. I actually live-blogged the induction here on medhelp; I can give you a link to the post if you're interested in reading about what I went through. but the whole experience was WONDERFUL.

so yes, inductions can go poorly, but they can also go smoothly, so don't stress :-)

and I did have a vaginal delivery. i'll go hunt down that post and link to it; you can read it if you want, not if you don't.

1035252 tn?1427227833
by Ashelen, May 23, 2011

there you go...that's my live posting of my induction last july :-)

875268 tn?1332768851
by iMazed, May 23, 2011
Thanks Ashelen :)

1656009 tn?1329322563
by Cookee83, May 23, 2011
I was induced with both of my boys and to be honest I'm more afraid of going in labor on my own than anything. I read about alot of ladies wanting to go in labor on their own, but induction in some cases (at least mine) isn't really that bad. With me I went in at 5 am and by 10 am, my baby was here (with both boys). I felt no pain, and I still got the pleasure of feeling my baby come out. I want to be induced with this one, but I don't think my doctor is going to let me. I have been pleading with him. My advice to you is to go in thinking of your baby and the happiness that you will feel when you have him in your arms. Keep a positive mind and positive things will happen. I will keep in my prayers.

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by HaYnSweetie, May 23, 2011
Lol sorry i didnt mean to scare you, i was just trying to share what i experienced. I was scared to death to have a c-section, but honestly whenever i decide to get pregnant again i wont be saying "i dont want a c-section" the whole time, cause it wasnt too bad. Now im scared of natural labor LOL! But if you do have a c-section, make sure you do what the Doctors say...dont lift anything heavier than the baby! I was off the pain meds by the time i left the hospital. Everyone heals differently...i just had a rough time the first 2 weeks because i ended up catching the flu when i was in the hospital from my sister who didnt know she had it lol!

1528695 tn?1360582320
by logigirl, May 23, 2011
You are such a better person than i! I would have INSISTED they do it right then and there! Good luck :) I'll keep you in my thoughts :)

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by Nichole120605, May 23, 2011
Are u serious? U are being induced this Thursday? Why? We are both about the same week and I am not due till July so they say. I asked to be induced and they told me no that they are not allowed to induce until the woman is 38 weeks. So, is there something wrong? Just wondering how ur able to have her before me?

I do wish u all the best and remember no matter how much pain labor is so worth it. Just wait and see.

God bless

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by sweetpea03, May 23, 2011
Being induced isn't so bad. I've seen many inductions while I was working at the hospital, my mother was induced with me, and I know a number of others who have been induced as well. All of them went smoothly and only 3 ended up needing a c-section. Hope yours goes well!

1194973 tn?1385503904
by Clysta, May 23, 2011
@Colley. She's due already, and is almost 42 weeks. Could you be thinking of someone else maybe?

Good luck this week with the induction!! I know it seems scary, but there are plenty of cases where it turns out perfectly fine.

136689 tn?1419580447
by misslollipop, May 23, 2011
I was induced 1.5 weeks early and i didn't need a c/section, my labor went quick 2hrs but was worth it for the health of my little man, you will be right it's not that bad. good luck

1472934 tn?1327336950
by babycrazy113, May 23, 2011
I was induced for my third baby.  It was actually my choice.  It was a really really hot summer and the doctor said I was full term and if I wanted to have the baby she would induce me.  I actually liked the fact that I could be prepared and knew exactly when the baby would come.  I could shower, shave, make all last minute arrangements, etc.  It wasn't bad at all.  I went in at 8 am, they started pitocin around 930 or so and I had my baby around 4 that afternoon.  No c-section or anything scary :)

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by Tasia32, May 23, 2011
I saw your journal and just wanted to say I hit 40 weeks with my first and had no dilation or effacing whatsoever and I was induced and 16 hours later my little man was born. I pray everything goes well for you!

875268 tn?1332768851
by iMazed, May 24, 2011
The thing is that inducing isn't done that quick here in Holland. They don't induce when you ask them to, only when you are overdue (past the 42 weeks mark) or there's something wrong. Asking to be induced really doesn't work. I had my mind set on a home delivery (which is very common here, about 25% of births happen at home), mainly because if I chose to go to the hospital I would have to pay a whole lot of money. I don't have that kind of money since I'm on welfare at the moment and my ex isn't contributing at all. The way it works here is that when your doc tells you you need to deliver in the hospital because you're being induced/something's not totally right and they want to keep an eye on you/c-section/whatever reason insurance pays for everything. Unfortunately this made me believe that hospital=something's wrong. I'm trying to get rid of that idea now, but it's difficult.

703031 tn?1398963307
by jb41799, May 24, 2011
Hi iMazed, I just ran across your journal and your status and wanted to give you a few words of encouragement.  The protein in your urine is most likely the reason you are being induced.  I had the same with both my pregnancies and was induced both times.  It's not as scary as you think, it's just a pre-emptive measure to make sure you don't go into pre-eclampsia.  Actually, the whole process was fairly relaxed and if you choose to have an epidural you're already one step ahead since you are already at the hospital.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  Best of luck!  You'll be just fine.

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