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the nature of my hope...

Jan 20, 2008 - 0 comments




I just realized this morning that I am so totally in this "wait and see" mode...waiting for the time when there is a better solution for treating my Hep C.  But I have taken the "wait and see" to extreme lengths, I know, but the more I read this forum and others, I realize I am not alone.  Why the hell didn't some one tell me that I would feel the tendancy to isolate myself, to turn inward just a bit more and become so quiet?  Don't know if I would have done things any differently, but Hep C did change me and even after 4 years....I learn everyday different aspects of my life that are impacted.  Not particularly bad.....just different.  

Now that I am in "wait and see", I think I will go work on the garden.  Waiting and seeing in the garden is a definite, waiting for the sun....then I will see exactly what I shall put in the ground!

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