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Pregnancy Problems

Sep 22, 2008 - 0 comments





pregnancy problems

I started lighty spotting last Sunday without cramping, went to ER had a vaginal ultrasound and blood drawn to check HCG levels. HCG showed that I was at the most 4 wks along and ultrasound showed nothing (which is normal for being only 4 wks along). It is now the following Sunday and I have had 3 other blood tests done to check my HCG levels. They have all increased but not doubled like a normal pregnancy should. I also had another vaginal ultrasoud done and still nothing. I am still very very lightly spotting, have no pregnancy sympthoms anymore and I never passed anything. I know I haven't miscarried yet because my HCG levels still increase (but don't double). NO pain, very very light spotting and no cramping. My doctor says he truly doesn't believe that it is an ectopic pregnancy because I have absolutly NO pain. What is happening? If I am miscarring would it take this long and should my HCG levels continue to rise? Has anyone been through this or could anyone provide some MUCH needed help/advise? THANKS!

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