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Methadone withdrawal

May 26, 2011 - 0 comments



methadone withdrawal





About eight months ago, i made the decision to completely come off methadone. i had managed to get my daily usage at the time to 9mg a day. Topped up with 120mg Dihyrocodeine daily when required for nerve pain.

I decided it was time for the methadone to go and just stopped one day and never looked back. I used the dihydrocodeine to manage the withdrawals. It was all over in a week. I can tell you when I was discharged from the maintenance clinic and left I cried in the middle of town.

Almost three years off hell over and done with. I still use Dihydrocodeine to varying degrees and keep it's use strictly for pain management, although there are occasions where i still go overboard. Things are so good now.

I will never go back on methadone again.

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