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4.5 km in 40 mins

May 26, 2011 - 0 comments

running - jogging

...Which is probably not that impressive to anyone but me but considering that it's my first night out running; and I've only recently stopped smoking so my lungs are not exactly up to par yet; I think it's an excellent beginning! :)
Ended up being invited out for a quick run at the last minute by a co-worker (now running buddy I guess).  We ran more or less 4.5 km. (with about 4 separate walking breaks each lasting about a minute)
As my running partner pointed out, I need to work on my tendency to bounce as well as practice my stride & keep my breathing in sync (which tends to get out of whack once I focus on my feet instead)  lol.
Otherwise the speed will come with more times out as well as finding my natural stride. I also need to make sure I remember to stretch well before & after & drink sh*t-loads of water.  I also need to invest in good sneakers. Pavement is hard on the joints. :(  My knees are going to pay dearly tomorrow.
I'm loving the old familiar muscle buzz.   :)

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