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First time iui

May 27, 2011 - 0 comments

Hello.... To every one and 2 every female that going thw wat im going thw  Today may 27 2011 I'm sitting in my living watching my husband play his video game my dog yogi he a puggle that is the most  cutest puppy ever is sleeping on my foot he to cute lets start with my journal of life is crazy some time i feel it to much but den i get over it ..... Some time i feel that i will never be able to give my husband a child or 2 i always knew i had Fertility problems but i never thought i wanted a child this bad  after i got married before i got married i have to much going on with my life to even think bout having a kid .... now that im a house wife that all i could think of is waking up every morning 2 my baby....As of right now i m going to a fertility center .... i love the doctor i think he is doing the most wonderful job for me and my husband but i have 2 more step and it feel like it taking forever my wish for my 25 birthday is to have my baby growing in my belly in Jesus name all will *** true .....  I guess that all i have to say for now have a great day people

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