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Update -Rough Morning :(

May 28, 2011 - 0 comments





Panic Attack









New journal entry on my tracker, i'm gonna keep this as updated as i can, start being more active on the website.

As the title says, i've been on citalopram now a good 7/8 weeks, stress has been relatively low, been feeling mildly out of it but coping.

This morning however was a surprise, i'm not too sure if it was because of a late night, possibly bad thoughts going on in my head but, i awoke disorientated, my eyesight was strongly blurred/fuzzy and everytime i kept blinking i saw flashes snd reflections of what i was looking at and that kicked me off panicing..i couldnt breathe properly and had to calm myself down as i ears had this...bell like sound that rang through my head,i have bouts of tinitus but this was quite loud even when i covered my ears i knew it was going on in my head, and it took a good hour or so to feel reasonably okay again, but during the day i've just felt wasted,my legs hurt after a short period of walking around, i feel dizzy and out of it, pretty much ache all over. after such a period of feeling more or less myself, i get this....out of nowhere, still.....i'm trying to remain calm, not going off the handle and keeping my thoughts positive,i'm a stubborn one but, if i cant keep calm by tommorow, i'm gonna have to chase up with my doctor/therapist!!

Panic attacks and anxiety suck so much :(

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