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R.I.P. Pumpkin

May 29, 2011 - 8 comments

1997 - 2011
Retired Therapy Dog and Disaster Stress Relief Dog
Best dog ever

Pumpkin came to me at 18 months old from a pit bull rescue.  Her original owner had neglected and probably abused her, and she needed several surgeries due to a prolapsed rectum that had been left untreated to the point where the tissue was dying.  Rescue patched her up and was looking for a good home right around the time I had lost one of my English Bulldogs to a sudden heart attack.  She was my first American Pit Bull Terrier and largely responsible for my love and dedication to the breed from then on.

She stole my other bulldog's heart (and he generally never saw any use for other dogs).  He had to sleep with her, and would lie next to her and gently fold one of her ears into his mouth and suck on it.  Poor Pumpkin lived with slimy ears but never complained.

When I brought home a rescue bulldog Pumpkin immediately took her under her wing and made her welcome.  Same went for when I got Idgie as a puppy.  Pumpkin cheerfully became a surrogate mom, playing tug and wrestling with the puppy for hours on end.

Pumpkin was one of those dogs that was born to do therapy work.  She was certified through Therapy Dogs International, and visited the sick in the hospital, mental hospital, nursing homes and shelters.  She would wear crazy outfits cheerfully and never complained.  After 9/11, she was one of the first certified Disaster Stress Relief dogs, working to bring a ray of sunshine at the Pentagon's Family Assistance Center.  She comforted victim's families, soldiers, chaplains and rescue workers alike, working long exhausting emotional days without hesitation.

As an older dog, she had severe arthritis, brought on by a combination of medical issues over the years.  She couldn't walk well, but stayed full of her joy for life.  She taught me, as a newly diagnosed chronic pain patient, how to cope with a new world.  When she could no longer walk up stairs or long distances I carried all 60lbs of her so she could still sleep in bed with me, and enjoy a nightly snack of Pepperidge Farm goldfish, our special treat before turning out the lights.

Yesterday Pumpkin started vomiting, but it stabilized and she was resting when I left the house for a few hours.  When I came home there was blood everywhere.  She was bleeding severely from her intestines.  The ER stabilized her, but she developed a clotting disorder complication and would not stop bleeding.  There were a few things we could have tried, but the outlook was not good due to her age, and the vet felt that the stress to her system would probably erode any of her remaining mobility if she even reovered.

At 4 am, I drove back to the ER to be with her for the final time.

There will never be another Pumpkin.  You will be in my heart always my sweet, and now you are pain free once again, free to run and play and bring your special brand of joy to the next life.  I hope I can live the rest of my life with even half of the grace, dignity and love that you had.

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1639856 tn?1395185607
by Marebear74, May 29, 2011
OMG,sweetie! I am so sorry about pumpkin! I feel like i lost a child when ever i lost an animal! That breaks my heart to hear that you pumpkin has gone to doggie heaven! That is what my kids call it! Well, i am positive that pumpkin left this world with a warm feeling that someone she trusted and looked up to was there both times she really needed comfort and caring! Very sorry that u r going thru this. Best wishes! -MaryB.

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by geminigirl1963, May 29, 2011
My tears are flowing as I read this, as I'm sure yours have been and continue to be.  I only "knew" Pumpkin through our emails and your descriptions, but I felt I had known her for years and will still always hold a special place in my heart for her even without meeting her in person.

I know noone can take the pain away from your heart over losing your dear friend and companion, but I do hope it brings you some consolence knowing that, as you said, she is no longer in any pain and can run freely once again.  I also hope that having your other two "babies" will help you through this horribly tough time - I'm sure they're missing her just as much as you are.

If you need anything, do not hesitate to let me know.

Sending big, comforting hugs your way,

1436598 tn?1332896533
by deadgamegrrl, Jun 02, 2011
Thanks!  It's amazing how quiet the house is even though there are still two dogs.  And I don't do well in grocery stores, every time I see a goldfish display I cry.  She was a rock star!

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Jun 02, 2011
Oh bless your Pumpkin! I am so sad and sorry to hear she passed away.
It's us, left behind, who suffer because we miss them here. They go to a better place, to wait for you. Time has no meaning there, just joys and love. One day you will meet again.

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jun 03, 2011
so sorry its so hard isnt it, I love those pitbull dogs, they get a bad rap and its not the dogs its the owners..I looked after one a couple of years for someone who worked a lot and he was lonely ..I adored him ..we moved so I had to leave him..Hope you get another when you are up to wishes .

Avatar universal
by zoe114, Jun 04, 2011
I am so sorry about you losing Pumpkin. I have not been on here much and just saw this. Hugs being sent to you today.
I know when I had to put my first dog down, even though I had two others it just was not the same. I went out and got a puppy to fill "his"'s not the same, but it sure did remind me how much puppies need watching....and got my mind off of my loss....I am not telling you to do this.  You gave Pumpkin a great home!    

1801781 tn?1461629469
by littlebit667, Oct 31, 2011
What a wonderful tribute!

617347 tn?1331293081
by laurel453, Nov 01, 2011
i didn't read this journal about beautiful Pumpkin... RIP sweet girl ... and indeed it was a wonderful tribute of her and your love for her, deadgamegrrl

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