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Looking like surgery for Lucky

Jan 20, 2008 - 3 comments






I posted in the forum a bit back about a cyst that my beagle Lucky has developed on one of her pads. I brought her to our vet, (who by the way looks exactly like the pregnant cop from Fargo - Francis McDormitt?) and I guess it's even more than the cyst. It looks like the cyst has somehow ruptured into the pad itself, filling it with blood. My vet's theory is it was because of the frozen tundra my backyard has become, and the extra pressure caused it to rupture. She gave us anti-biotics to try and get the swelling down and said if it's not better in 2 weeks, we'll need to surgically remove the cyst and maybe do something with the pads.

Well, it's 2 weeks this Tuesday and poor Lucky is still limping. The swelling looks a little lower, but it's clearly still inflamed and bothering her. It's looking like we'll need to do surgery. I'm a little nervous, never having done surgery with a pet before. Hopefully this is a pretty basic surgery, but I'll know more next week.


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82861 tn?1333457511
by Jaybay, Jan 21, 2008
Ouch!  Doesn't that drive you crazy when you have to worry about a pet?  I'm wondering if Lucky will tolerate wearing boots for a while when she goes out in this cold weather.  

I see you're in MA.  Better you than me!  It's chilly and damp here in Houston, TX and I've found this bone-numbing cold is 100 times worse than the dry cold up in the frozen wastelands of the Great White North.  Stay warm!  :-)

195500 tn?1257431132
by ea_poe, Jan 22, 2008
Thanks. I asked our vet about the boots, but she said it would actually hurt the chances of the swelling going down. I'm scheduled to bring Lucky in on Thursday to get pre-blood work done. Our vet is now worried this could be a cancerous tumor since the anti-biotics didn't work at all. We'll see.


158939 tn?1274918797
by utahmomma, Jan 22, 2008
I'm so sorry.  Isn't it maddening?  I really hope that it's not cancer and can be treated with a simple surgery.

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