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stressed to the max, soon to be homeless:(

May 31, 2011 - 23 comments

It all started out on April 1st. My second son turned 7 that day and it was a good day untill my MIL called me (she had been staying with us on and off) to say the sheriff had just came by to serve us papers for a cancelation of our contract for deed. Ruined the day, but we didnt think it was the end of the world. We just had to come up with the money we were behind plus the nxt few months mortgage by 5-31-11 (today) We have been stressed trying to come up with all the money because there was extra charges for the sheriff coming out and what not. Our monthly income leaves only about $100 extra a mnth, so catching up has been hard but thats what we had been doing or so we thought. Well as off last week we realized there was no way we could come up with all the money plus June payment too so I called the owner of the deed and told him. I guess I never thought past coming up with the money that I was so sure we could do. He said we had to be out by the end of the month than. I know he is right to cause I went over our original contract with my SIL and sure enough he has every right to kick our ***** out on the street:( He said he would give us an extra week (very generous huh?) Well I have been packing what I can the last few days and looking for a place but so far no luck. D day is June 7. My daycare mom has informed me if we move any further she will have to find a new sitter for her daughter, cause I guess the 5 minutes she drives now is too far!!UGh1! Whatever, her daughter drives me nutz anyways but im sad to be loseing that income: ( Sadly we have only a certain area we can move to cause Jamie needs to be in an "on call" area and we already live at the limit being 15 minutes from his job:( The only availble places to rent are expensive because of the area. I just dont know what to do. I am so stress. We are planning to put everything in storage if we cant find a place and maybe stay in a hotel or something (the kids would love that) but we have no idea what to do with our dog or cat.
Im just having a hard to trying to fiquar out how people do it, how they make it work, cause we cant. We have never taken a vaction or spent money needlessly. Granted I somtimes over spend and we have internet and cable, I guess I really dont need those things:(
I guess I just typed this all out to get it off my chest. I will be disconnecting the internet within the next 5 days or sooner I guess and dont know when we will get settled:(
Please pray that we find a place.

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784382 tn?1376934640
by turkee23, May 31, 2011
will say lots of prayers for you hunny.....try and keep us updated even if you dont have internet =/...xox

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, May 31, 2011
thanks! Im scared of the thought of being homeless:(

719902 tn?1334168783
by jenkaye21, May 31, 2011
Praying for you... I'm sorry things are so hard right now. :(

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jun 01, 2011
thanks Jen:)

127124 tn?1326739035
by have 2 kids, Jun 01, 2011
I'm sorry.  I know exactly what you are going through as we are struggling too.  I don't know how people do it.

377493 tn?1356505749
by adgal, Jun 01, 2011 out options through local non profits.  The program I am currently working on helps folks just like you.  Good people who are having a tough time. Call places like the Red Cross, etc. and they can often help arrange emergency housing, even if it's just temporary to help give you guys time. They can often help you even come up with rental deposits, etc.  Good luck Tab, I cannot even imagine how very stressful this is. I am thinking about you girl and you know I am sending all the positive thoughts your way.  (((hugs)))

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jun 01, 2011
thanks:) It sux that it ALWAYS seems like we are struggling huh? Funny about 6 months ago I was thinking if the cost of living didnt go down everyone would soon be living under a bridge! I mean you cant afford to drive, or eat or o anything anymore:( now its reality.

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jun 01, 2011
thanks Amanda:) we have some money saved since we were trying to come up with the passed due stuff but trying to find a place is the hard part, that and packing, grrr. Stupidly we never thought about what would happen if the money wasnt raised and got ur selves into this mess:( Jamie seems to have this great idea (men) on buying a CHEAP house within the next week. First off we have no credit, not gonna appen and he is behind on filing his taxes, so no one is going to give us a loan anyways. And in a week?!  Besides that he isnt talking off any time off work. Reality check for him in the next few days when he has to move all this heavy furniture cause I cant liftanything over 10 lbs, hah!

1169162 tn?1331235953
by nola0805, Jun 01, 2011
So sorry to hear this. I can't imagine how stressful this must be. I wish some good luck would float your way!! You deserve it. The unknown is always scary but I am sure that everything will work out - you are a strong woman and have resources you don't even realize.  I am amazed that you are handling this so well - give yourself a ton of credit.  I wish I had some great solutions for you, but I am at a loss.  I like Amanda's suggestion of looking into agencies that provide emergency housing.  I know that there are many families struggling out there - these are tough, tough times.  Know that you are in my thoughts - hang in there!!!  

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jun 01, 2011
thank you:)

1035252 tn?1427231433
by Ashelen, Jun 01, 2011
OH Tab I kept hoping you had found a solution, what an awful situation to be you girl I know you'll figure out something <3

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jun 01, 2011
thanks Ivy. Im hoping too:)

184674 tn?1360864093
by AHP84, Jun 01, 2011
Thinking of you and keeping you and your family in my prayers. I wish I could offer some kind of perfect advice, but all I can say is how sorry I am that you're in this situation. I hope it gets better soon. ((hugs))

Avatar universal
by RainLover71, Jun 01, 2011
Family is everything and my heart bleeds for you,I will say a pray for you at our local church here in canberra,Australia and remember that god loves you and will protect you.Never give up and always have faith.Take Care.

287246 tn?1318573663
by Michele, Katy, TX, Jun 01, 2011
Hey girl.  We have a local place here in Houston called the Star of Hope.  I am sure it is just local but maybe they have something like that near you?  They offer shelter and food and even daycare to allow the parents to find jobs.

Also, try looking into the extended stay type places.  Even if you have to get a studio version and you are all in one room.  I know it's hard but I have seen them near me for as low as $179 per week.  They are fully furnished with a kitchen w/ pots and pans, and you would save money in utilities and all that.  No lights, gas, water, cable, internet, etc.  That would all be covered.  I recommend getting a studio and just failing to mention all of your kids ;)  You have to do what you have to do, but again, you wouldn't have any utility bills.  Most of these places even offer the wifi internet.  It would be close quarters for a while, but it might buy you some time to figure out where to go and what to do.

Good luck and praying hard for you and your family!

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jun 02, 2011
thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayer:) It means alot!! We found a place thats within our price range but cant look at it untill sunday:( So its nothing sure and we dont even know if the will let us have our dog there because he is so big and they consider him a bad breed:( We are down to the wire and I havent been able to make a dent with packing yet. I think we are going to end up grabbing and going when the day comes:(
On a positive note, Jamie checked his email yesterday and there was a email from MNdot!!! He applied for a state job over 6 months ago but they kept his resume on file!! He has an interview set up for June 9th!!! We will be so happy if he gets this job!! Its the same pay as he has now starting out but it gets better and the benifts are GREAT!! Also Im tired of my family always struggling so I have desided to look into going back to school. They have help for single moms and since Jamie and I arent technicly married I can get help:) I really cant imagine it, lol! 30 something and going back to school:)

Avatar universal
by mamaofonetrying42, Jun 02, 2011
Hopefully everything works out with the new place!!! Yay, for Jamie and the Job interview!! Fingers are crossed everything works out!!! GOOD THINGS ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

184674 tn?1360864093
by AHP84, Jun 03, 2011
Hoping and praying for the best for you!!!

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jun 03, 2011
thank you both:) Today the nerves are setting in:( The place I called about yesterday in our price range wont take a dog over 20 lbs. so that place is out:(  We seriously cant find anything eles in our range. I really wish I knew what I know now when I was younger about what "credit" means:( we could be buying a house or something. Jamie keeps telling me we'll see when I ask a question about something relating to our "problem" and I wanna smack him!! We dont have time for "we'll see" UGH!! He is working all day and cant hep with anything and im stressed! We have friends that are helping us move tommorrow and we havent got a truck or a storage garage or anything lined up yet and if I hear one more "we'll see" Im gonna scream!!
Oh yeah and the kids are terrors today:( Its my last day watching my daycare kid and while im really sad to lose that income I cant wait for the day to be over:~(

Avatar universal
by Tasia32, Jun 03, 2011
So sorry hun, I will definitely pray for you and your family especially since I've been there.

Avatar universal
by amn702, Sep 20, 2011
What is happening with your situation? I know this is way late but I just stumbled upon it and wanted to check on you. If you are still in your pickle of a situation, maybe you can have someone you trust keep your pets until you find a place that will allow them? You and your kids come first. I love my pets, too and can't imagine not having them, but it may be necesssary. Best wishes xoxoxo

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Sep 26, 2011
Thank you for your thoughts amn702:) we did find a place, down sized alot but its a roof over our head. I am starting school in January I hope to never be in this kind of situation again:)

179530 tn?1368940203
by mature_enough, Feb 10, 2012
I had no idea you were going through so much. I hope you find a way to connect w/ us soon. You will be in my thoughts and prayers sister.

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