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allergies and dizziness??

May 31, 2011 - 4 comments

i have been dizzy for 4 months now and its been a nightmare! been to GP, ENT,ER a few times, and neurologits, blood test,hearing,allergy,ENG and 2 catscans later all came back normal.

the ENT seems to thinks it allergies, and i have been started on allergry shots (havent started working yet)

i will be getting an MRI to rule out a acoustic neuroma (scary) a benign tumor in the inner or middle ear i believe

has anyone ever had any problems with dizziness and allergies?.....acoustic neuroma

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by KitKat333KitKat, Jun 01, 2011
Hello and yes! I was in the same boat you are in now about a year ago and oh yes,my dizziness was indeed due to my allergies! I would get vertigo upon standing and if i tilted my head upwards,i had to hold onto something.Scary time for me as i panicked a few times during the dizzy episodes.I finally had a doctor tell me it could be due to allergies and prescribed me flunisolide nasal spray and within 3 days my dizziness was gone,no more.I also take Zyrtec every so often as well.My allergic reaction was due to my animals,my cats were sleeping with me nightly.

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by turkee23, Jun 01, 2011
i haven been taking claritin, for a week but the dizziness is back

so im going to try the zyrtec today...i also use astepro and nasonex nasal spray but im still dizzy everyday....i am also getting little hot flashes.....i wonder if this is normal....

i have been dizzy for 4 long were you dizzy before they figured it out?

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by KitKat333KitKat, Jul 01, 2011
I was dizzy for about 2 months,off and on.It's strange because i have had my cats for years and suddenly boom,allergic reactions..? I had been under alot of stress as well so that might have contributed.

I hope the zyrtec has worked for you,if not,try going to YouTube and type in "exercises for the Epley maneuver".

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by turkee23, Jul 01, 2011
are you still dizzy?......i have added anxiety to my list of problems which im sure makes the dizziness way worse

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