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MRI tomorrow...are they scary??

Jun 01, 2011 - 10 comments

so i have an appt tomorrow for my MRI....i always hear mixed things about them, they are loud and scary, and make you feel very closed in.

i dont THINK i will have a problem with being in something that tight, but then again i never had to do this before so i might just freak, the girl just asked me on the phone andi said "i dont know" and laughed as well as she did.

i have had 2 catscans, and that was also loud. is that the noise i should expect? it really that bad??

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by Zaylil, Jun 01, 2011
It is pretty much the same yes. No swallowing your spit while you are in there at least that is what they told me when I had mine done. There not scary just relax and it will all be done quick.

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by nursegirl6572, Jun 01, 2011
No, they are not bad at all.  The biggest complaint from people is that they don't like feeling 'closed in", especially for those who are claustraphobic.  They actually are a pretty quick test, painless.  They are similar to a CT scan, which you've already had.  I actually think that MRI's are less confining than CT Scans.

Just try not to worry about it, or you'll predispose yourself to anxiety.  Talk to the medical team and let them know how you're feeling.  If you are worried about something, ask.

Lastly, they aren't especially loud at all.  Mostly a few "whirrs" of the electronic components moving.

Keep in mind that this is essential in figuring out what is going on, and that this is a positive step in the right direction!  That will help you get thru it,  Good luck, you'll be just fine!

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by turkee23, Jun 01, 2011
thank you both very much

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 01, 2011
really no swallowing while in there?

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by Dav125, Jun 01, 2011
It can get loud and there is a variety of pulsating sounds you have to endure. Depending on what your MRI is looking at will depend on how long. Normally they last about twenty minutes. I just close my eyes and breath slow but in rythem, stay still and wait for it to be over..There will be clicking noises, then intense pulse noises, then multiple pulse noises. Then the table might move an inch or two, and the process is repeated. My lower back MRI'S took about a half hour. My neck MRI's lasted 20 minute..They do give you ear plugs that help some. Its a shame they don't have music as I have bugged then about that everytime I go. I had music in one scan but it must have been a catscan machine they gave me headphones on.MRI's are louder though..Just relax, close your eye's and try to place yourself in a meditation state of mind..Next thing you know it will be over.Staying still is key though..If you move too much, they have to redo that particular sequence to create the picture..

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by turkee23, Jun 01, 2011
she said it will take about 35 mins. its a catscan of my brain, and possible neck....think are looking at my cranial nerves

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by Dav125, Jun 01, 2011
There are small breaks in the process..Ask the technician about it..They could then tell you thru the speakers in there when you need to be still and when you could shallow if need be..:)

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by sweetpea03, Jun 01, 2011
MRIs aren't that bad at all. If you get nervous in there, they can give you head phones to listen to music to help you stay calm. I asked for that last time just because it's boring laying there and they can help block out the noise from the machine. You can also ask the tech to update you on the times of when each part of it will begin and end.

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by robinlove, Jun 02, 2011
I hope it went well today!
I have had a multitude of mri's and several ct scans.
Mostly of my c/spine.
I have never ,ever been told not to swallow.
I will only go to an open mri place now!! I was told they are now as good as a closed one.
Everyone has different experiences.  I am pretty claustraphobic  but can't spell it lol.
It sounds like you too have your hands full with your health.
I bet it wasn't as bad as you expected.  
take care!

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by turkee23, Jun 03, 2011
wasnt as bad as i thought ....just very loud

now just the results

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