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agh... :( im nervous

Jun 01, 2011 - 3 comments

ok so yesterday 5.31 ate dinner around 8 like usual i sat on the sofa with my husband and started having cramps and my lower back was in alot of pressure and i was in pain. it actually got worst and worst. so around 10pm i told my husband how i was feeling so we went to the hospital. they immediatly put me on the monitor, baby was ALOT. her heart rate was perfect. so the doc checked me told i was still close( even though my last visit at the hospital another doctor in call told my i was 2cm how doeas that happen? aghhhhh) but i was defnetly contracting, he did a test called ffn which it checks some kind of hormones around cervix when in labor, the test came back negative, so thats good(for now) gave me a shot to stop contractions and pain and i was glad...haha im sure labor is much much painful so i tasted a little bit of whats coming my way.

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by krichar, Jun 01, 2011
I'm glad to hear all is well!! One thing I can say is I have NEVER forgotten the pain of labor! Even 11 years later I still remember it to this day. I did it au natural too because it was happening so fast and the anesthesiologist was busy! But what I can say is... As soon as baby is out the pain was gone! Completely gone! I had some toast and a muffin be ause I was starving, got up, went to the bathroom and walked to my room carrying my baby!

Yes it hurts like nOthing you have ever felt ( well...i passed kidney stones and that was worse) but is all worth it and goes away!! Just remember what is at the end and you will be fine!!

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by Leyisel21, Jun 01, 2011
:) i can only imagine the pain, the excitement the adrenaline haha...

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by logigirl, Jun 02, 2011
awe :( i have been having pains too and the thought has crossed my mind to go to the hospital, but i never do it because i've never felt like "this is it". I would hate to go to the hospital just to be told to go home!

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