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Started my MACALife today

Jun 02, 2011 - 1 comments


So I discovered this new herbal supplement and it came today and I took my first pill. I really hope it works!

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by redheadaussie, Jun 02, 2011
Hi, I researched this a few months ago. I saw it can cause a goitre in thyroid if taken high doses. It also said it doesn't have a direct effect on female hormones, but apparently works like an anti-depressant to make us feel better. I opted not to take it.  ( I have VERY bad reactions to anything like that! Ended up in ER with a reaction last year!) I am just starting my journey into menopause as you know, I'll be curious to see how you feel in 6 weeks. (that's how long they say the maca will take to work) Keep us informed!

Oh BTW I researched the cost and yours is over $30, I found  maca products at for around $4. Save yourself some money and buy them there!!! (I'm a cheapskate..actually, no, just a low income person!)

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