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No More Fear of a Driver's License Picture!

Sep 22, 2008 - 3 comments



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Weight Loss

Today I had my picture taken for my work badge and low and behold, when the security guard handed it back to me, I not only liked my picture .. I almost jumped off my chair!  I looked at it and even commented out loud, it so took me by surprise!  You see, when you lose a lot of weight, your mind isn't able to keep up with the physical changes ... it takes time to truly realize your size.  Today I got it .. I saw the change!  I could hardly wait to pull out my driver's license and compare the two!  

The 'me' I see in my new picture is healthy and happy; I no longer recognize the 'me' in the old picture .. the one who was oh so sad.  What a triumphant day today is and how thankful I am to those who helped me!  May they truly know they saved my life ... and I am forever grateful.

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522699 tn?1250594316
by Whatawoman, Sep 23, 2008
What a wonderful feeling :)

554550 tn?1222707255
by BarbMarch58, Sep 29, 2008
THIS IS FABULOUS!!   The same thing happened to me with...of all things... my DRIVER'S LICENSE PHOTO!! I was so in love with it, I had copies made, blown up and given to friends. - Now WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND ever likes their DMV photo - ME!!

I'm very happy for you!  Enjoy - and make sure your tag is always facing outward so everyone in the place can admire you!!

599954 tn?1227497585
by mirabella45, Sep 29, 2008
Yeah,,what a big sigh of relief..and accomplishment.

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