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Jun 04, 2011 - 7 comments





morning sickness

Ok TMI coming.... so this morning Sam and i are laying on the bed talking about things, he doesn't want to tell anyone at all until at least the 6 week scan, i've told my mum, nan and brother purely because they know i would have been testing on friday anyway, so he said ok lets not talk about it anymore i don't want to jinx it.
Abit later he started talking about things again (he can't help himself lol, bless him) i was saying how i hoped i wont get any sicknes as hate being sick. so time went on and as im too scare to have sex right now (they do say to wait until the 6 weeks) so i gave him a know....... plessure!! lol. anyway i spat!!!! then bloody threw up!!!!.
Jinxed myself - or my gag relex is working too well!!! ha ha.

Doesn't morning sickness normally start this early!!???

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1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Jun 04, 2011

Ya my morning sickness started at exactly 5 weeks! according to my Dr i was 4 weeks 4 days lol but I think i was 5 weeks lol
my Hubby still hasn't got ANYTHING lol I vowed not to have sex till after 3 months! haha imagine how he's doing now !!

1340863 tn?1366641084
by sisi2399, Jun 04, 2011
lol..... How funny, you made me laugh with this post.  My husband is going crazy because Ive been so bloaded from the retrieval and then Monday is my transfer.  After that he knows is going to be a long wait.  I think he can climb walls right

1396867 tn?1520810258
by hopeitworks, Jun 04, 2011
My DB has been waiting pretty much since April hahaha. I start AF 4/11,had surgery 4/15, he got some I think after 2 weeks. Then I got AF, started stimming and now the 2ww. I test this am and got a BFP!!! So being I am paranoid. I would do wait til Im 3 months. But I think he is going to loose it. A you know.....Can only do so much for a man lol!!!!!
So Im going to ask the nurse on Monday. But Id like to wait til at least 7 weeks. Accord to ivf due date calculator I'll be 4 weeks on Monday(beta day)!!!!

I think it takes us so long to get where we are we dont want anything to happen, men however think with the head in there pants not attatched to their neck :P

1568930 tn?1326706216
by Lizwishes, Jun 05, 2011
hi jess....i'm 7 weeks tomorrow and so far ive only been sick twice! and actually it was early morning so nothing there to throw up (sorry tmi).  I have been feeling sick and gagging but other than than no sickness to speak of.....i know theres still time but i'm hoping that i dont get any!!

I had no idea that you couldnt have sex till 6 weeks....i thought sex during anytime of pregnancy was fine!  We've only had it a few times since finding out because ive just been too tired....but once was at 5 weeks!!  I didnt want to just stop having sex now i'm bf will think that we only had a good sex life because we were trying to conceive lol 8 )  As long as its safe ill continue to have sex when i feel like it, ill just have to check now that that ive read these posts lol 8 )

@ hopeitworks...Contratulations on your bfp!! 8 )

1366197 tn?1394587311
by JoJo629, Jun 05, 2011
no BDing for us right now either, it was DHs idea because he's so scared to hurt the little bean lol

719902 tn?1334165183
by jenkaye21, Jun 05, 2011
In a "normal" pregnancy, sex is perfectly fine at any point, even early on.  If you've had spotting, though, your doctor may recommend "pelvic rest".  I had early spotting and was told to wait until 12 weeks.  

1650006 tn?1333909714
by JessWishes2, Jun 05, 2011
Thanks guys, i've not had any spotting but i think just to be on the safe side we'll wait alittle longer, at least until the 6 week scan (i'm starting to climb the walls, so u ca imagaine how poor Sam feels!) lol. Roll on 20th....................

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